Event Organizer Frequently Asked Questions

Here is your all-in-one Q&A to maximize the Event Organizer experience on Playeasy.

1. Why Playeasy?

  • This is where your event begins. Playeasy is your free all-in-one lead generation, connection and marketing platform. Join the largest online sports network to grow your business and build brand awareness with just a few clicks. 
    • Grow your network: Easily search, post venue requests & communicate on the largest Destination and Facility network with 300+ Destinations & 12,000+ Facilities.
    • Build your brand: Playeasy is the only online marketing platform built specifically for sporting events. Hit your target audience and seamlessly add more registrants, add sponsors, sell tickets and add hotel links.
    • Reach a larger audience: This is a custom, free website for your organization with a modern feel that can be created in minutes. No coding needed. Every page on Playeasy is SEO optimized, so you can get found at the top of search engines without having to do the backend work yourself.

2. How to grow your network with Playeasy. 

  • Build out your Profile
    • Utilize Playeasy's capabilities to build out a perfect profile - your free, personalized SEO-optimized webpage to showcase your brand. Be sure to add images, upload documents, link your website and showcase your events. Learn more about completing your profile here.
  • Market your events
    • Every profile has an Event Portfolio to showcase past and upcoming events. Connect with Destinations, bring in more participants and spectators. Reach a new audience of coaches, players and spectators by marketing your past and upcoming events on Playeasy. Learn more here.
  • Post a Destination RFP
    • A Destination RFP is a venue request with information regarding your event requirements to alert possible fits. Destination RFPs are posted when you have an event that needs a location or you're thinking of hosting a new event and want to gauge interest. Post a Destination RFP to receive responses from Destinations and Facilities that meet your needs.
  • Prospect Destinations
  • Focus on your social presence
    • Posting on Playeasy is a free marketing tool to get your message out to your target audience. Boost your digital presence on the largest sports tourism network and share your Playeasy posts on your social networks. Learn more here.
    • Follow Destinations of interest and Destinations can follow you back. You will receive alerts regarding updates on the Destinations you follow, including when their facilities have open weekends, grant opportunities, etc. 
  • Message
    • We've removed the barriers of connecting and created a comprehensive directory so you can reach who you want when you want. Users can start group messages, receive confirmation of receipt after a message is sent, and set their status to on/offline.

3. What sport types and events can be added to Playeasy?

  • All sports are welcome on Playeasy. Join the 100+ unique sports today. Check out a list of sports on Playeasy here. If you don't see your sport, contact us. 
  • Possible event types include tournaments, camps, clinics, competitions, conferences, championships, games and more.
  • Quick tip: the events that perform best on Playeasy are ones that bring in large numbers, whether it be participants or spectators. Multi-day events are ideal, but one-day events with good numbers do just as well. 

4. How to get the most out of your Event Organizer profile.

  • Invite your team members
    You get to decide who you want to have access to Playeasy from your team. You can add or take off as many managers as you'd like. Also, each team member will have an individual login, so there is no need to share login information.
    • Learn how to sign up here.
    • Learn how to add a manager to your profile here.
  • Build your Event Portfolio 
    Playeasy provides a dynamic Event Portfolio on your profile to show off past & upcoming events. This is located in the Events tab on your profile and is grouped by past and upcoming events. Use the Event Portfolio to build credibility and interest with Destinations and view event performance data. Learn more here
  • Add your photos and logos
    Add as many images or Marketed Events to your profile as you'd like to stand out and give viewers the best understanding of your organization. Images can be up to 2MB.
    • If you need assistance with file size or dimensions, simply reach out to our team and we will make sure to adjust it to get it uploaded. 
  • Add the Playeasy Button
    Playeasy is another access point that leads to more views of your organization's website. The Playeasy button takes less than a minute to add to your site, and with it added, you are 10+x more likely to be viewed on Playeasy.

5. What is the cost of Playeasy?

  • There is no cost for Event Organizers to use Playeasy. Approved Event Organizer accounts can build their profiles and begin utilizing Playeasy's features immediately.

6. What is a Destination?

  • Destinations are sports commissions or destination marketing organizations that represent a certain geographic area, like a city, region or state. They are experts in holding sporting events of all shapes and sizes and can help Event Organizers schedule facilities, book lodging and coordinate staffing and services based on their event needs.
  • Why work with a Destination?
    Destinations are the keys to help you unlock the full potential of your host city. These experts can offer access to the resources you need to host your best event, including grant funding, event volunteers, hotel & restaurant information, calendar of events, visitor guides, housing, and attraction & shopping information.

7. What is a Destination RFP

  • A Destination Request for Proposal (RFP) is a venue request. In a Destination RFP, Event Organizations outline their needs in order to bring their event to a certain location. This is where you communicate venue requirements, dates, locations, assistance needed from Destinations, etc. Playeasy takes this information and only alerts the Destinations and Facilities that meet your requirements based on your information provided.
  • Destination RFPs are posted when you have an event that needs a new location or you're thinking of hosting a new event and want to gauge interest.

9. What is my Event Portfolio?

  • The Event Portfolio showcases the Marketed Events your organization has hosted to build credibility and trust with Destinations. These are located in the Events tab on your profile and are grouped by past and upcoming events.
  • Why would I want to market my events in my Event Portfolio? 
    Marketing your past and upcoming events helps build credibility and gives Destinations an idea of the events you hold. When new Destinations come to your profile, they will be greeted with examples of your past successful events. This adds more content to your profile, thus making your profile more attractive to viewers. 
  • Who can market events?
    Destinations and Event Organizers can market events on the Playeasy platform. Destinations and Event Organizers can tag other Playeasy users they are working with to host the event and the event will be added to both portfolios.
  • What kind of events can I market?
    You can market any past events that you have hosted as well as any upcoming events you have scheduled.
  • The Ins & Outs of your Event Pages.
    • Build your Event page in less than 5 minutes. Check out our guide for creating an Event page here.

11. How do I get the most out of the posting feature?

  • What should I post?
    Anything significant regarding your Event Organization that you would like to share to our active users! Here are examples of content that would be perfect to share:
    • More information about any open Destination RFPs
    • New/updated event schedules out with links to register
    • Deadline reminder on open Destination RFPs
    • Information about a recent successful event
    • Thought leadership
      • Ex: How to bring your sport to a Destination
  • Who Can Post?
    • Gold Destinations, Event Organizers and Industry Partners can post on Playeasy.

12. How do I boost my presence on Playeasy?

  • Ensure your profile is complete 
    Your Event Organizer profile is a great way for others to learn more about your organization before they decide to host you. When your profile is complete, it helps Destinations feel that you're reliable, authentic, and a great organization to work with.
    • Learn how to complete your new Event Organizer profile here.
  • The more complete your profile, the higher your ranking in the marketplaces.
    The more enhanced your profile, the higher your ranking is in the system. This means your profile will automatically be placed higher up in the marketplaces, bringing more exposure for your brand.
  • Take advantage of our posting feature
    By posting on Playeasy, you are directly reaching your target audience with ease on the largest digital network in sports tourism.  
  • Utilize Playeasy's advertising opportunities
    Advertise on Playeasy to draw more attention your brand! Playeasy is the largest sports tourism network, with 34k+ monthly users, 300+ Destination profiles, and 12,000+ Sports Facility profiles - we'll help your organization stand out from the crowd to drive impressions, clicks, and inbound leads.
  • Fill out your Event Portfolio
    On your profile, you have access to your Event Portfolio. This is a perfect place to highlight all past and future events you have held. 

13. What is the Event Marketplace?

  • The Event Marketplace is the industry's first ever two-sided filterable marketplace to unite Event Organizers, Destinations, and Facilities to sports organizations, active teams, players, parents and fans. Event Organizers, Destinations, and Facilities can partner to create a marketed event, their own webpage to advertise and build excitement for their upcoming sporting event, within minutes. Enter your event name, location, dates, description, and include links to register, buy tickets and book hotels.
  • Who can market an event?
    Playeasy approved Event Organizers and Gold Destinations can market an event on the Playeasy Platform. 
  • What events go to the Event Marketplace?
    • Upcoming events with open ticket or registration links are automatically added to Playeasy's Event Marketplace.
  • Why should I post my event?
    • Playeasy's Event Marketplace is a free service to help Event Organizations market upcoming events to their target audience.
    • Social media channels aren't always hitting your target sports audience. Playeasy's Event Marketplace unlocks a new wave of potential participants that may not follow you on your own socials. Adding your events here helps get you more registrants and your brand out there on a professionally designed free webpage you can create in minutes.
  • How is the Event Marketplace beneficial to Event Organizers?
    Destinations and Event Organizers' Marketed Events appear on the Event Marketplace. When a potential registrant or spectator views the event, they will have the option to book a hotel, buy a ticket, register for the event and visit your Event Organizer Profile. Listing your events on Playeasy's Event Marketplace eases communication with spectators and registrants.
  • How do I market an event?
    To get started marketing events on Playeasy, follow these simple steps. Once you're logged in and have an approved profile, select "Market an event".  
    • Enter Details- Select your location, choose your dates, and enter event description details. 
    • Add Quick Links- Add your event registration link, ticketing link, and hotel booking link 
    • Track Success- View the quality and quantity of visitors to your event marketing page with analytics.
  • Can I boost my event for a higher listing on the Event Marketplace?
    • Yes. In order to get a higher listing on the Event Marketplace, detailed event pages with at least 2 images are ranked higher.
    • In the future, Event Organizers will have the ability to target exact audiences for a fee, coming soon!
  • Why should I tag a Destination Partner?
    • You should always tag a Destination Partner when posting a Marketed Event to help generate buzz around your event. Whether the Destination helped secure your venue or not, they can provide assistance with your event, alert local business and volunteers, and most importantly, bring in more registrants and spectators. Let the Destination know when your event is happening. Again, these are the individuals with the keys to their city and can enhance your overall event.
    • Co-Marketed Events show up on both the Destination and Event Organizer profiles. This means the event will be seen by double the viewers, and possibly those who haven't heard of your organization before.

14. How do I download the mobile app?

The Playeasy app is live now! The app is key to get your organization in front of more eyes and stay connected on the road. Download today and check out how your profile looks on mobile!

iPhone users: download here.

Android users: download here.

  • Is the Mobile App Free?
    Yes, the mobile App is free. 
    • Learn more about the mobile app here.