How to Create a Post

Guide of how to create a post, what posts should entail, where the posts will appear, why post, who can post, and how often can you post?

What is a Post?

Post & advertise to the largest sports tourism network in the US. Playeasy posts are short pieces of user generated content featured on the Playeasy newsfeed both on desktop and the mobile app. With a click of a button, you can tell your story, reach your target audience & generate leads. 

How to Create a Post?

You can create a Post by: 

  • Go to and sign in
  • Go to your "Home" page
  • Click "Start A Post" (In the Top of the Newsfeed) 
Then, fill in the information in the form provided:
  1. Your Name: (First and Last) 
  2. Your Email: (Use the email that is tied to your Playeasy Account) 
  3. Your Company Name (Your Organization name on Playeasy)
  4. Post Title: Title you would like for your post 
  5. Post Text: This is the copy that will be shown in the body of the post under the title and header image when someone clicks into your post. 
  6. Post Header Image:  This is the image on the post listing on the newsfeed, and the image set as the header in the post.
  7. Additional Images or Files: Attach additional images to include in your post 
  8. Would you like to include video? If yes, you have the option to paste a YouTube or Vimeo video link, or paste the HTML embed code for your video file.

Would you like to include an additional image or a YouTube video in your post? You can include multiple images and YouTube videos/virtual tours if you'd like.


After you click submit, the Playeasy team will briefly review your post and get it live generally within the hour.

What type of content should I post?

Here is a list of popular post topics:

  1. Hot Deals: Any grant funding or incentives that you'd like to offer Event Organizers to host events in your market.
  2. Availability: Venue availability to host an event. Can be broad or specific.
  3. Marketing Content: Any videos, 360 Tours, Images, Testimonials, etc. about your Destination.
  4. Announcement: New venues being built, Won RFP's, Events recently held, New hires, etc.
  5. Thought Leadership: Any unique ideas, data insights or best practices you'd like to share with the sports tourism market. 
  6. Other: Any additional information you'd like to communicate to the Playeasy network!

This link goes into more detailPlayeasy Posting

Where will the posts go?

Posts will appear on your home screen, news feed & on your Playeasy Profile!

Why Post?

Don't sit back and wait for leads to come to you, generate business today by posting to the Playeasy network. Every post has a Call to Action to visit your profile. The more you post, the more traffic you drive to your profile. These posts will exponentially increase your visibility and build credibility with the 500+ Event Organizers on Playeasy.

Who can post?

Gold Destinations, Event Organizers, and Vendors

How often can you post? 

Posting is unlimited! You can post as much as you'd like, whenever you'd like. The more you post, the more exposure you bring to your Destination or Organization.