Profile Managers

You can invite team members to help manage your profile from the "Members" tab in the Dashboard of your Organization's Profile.

  • Go to your Organization's Profile
  • Click on the “Members” tab to the right of your "Home" tab
  • Click "+ Add New Member" sign and enter the email address of the user you'd like to have access to the account 
  • You can select if you'd like Members to be a Manager, Marketing or Sales member.
    • Manager: Gains overarching Destination profile access - backend editing & listed as a contact on your profile
    • Marketing: Profile editing access for your marketing team. Does not get listed as a contact on your profile
    • Sales: Full platform access & listed as a contact on your profile
  • Your team member will receive an email saying they’ve been added as a manager. From here, all they have to do is head to and click 'Sign Up' on the top right corner using the email you invited. Once they sign up and log in, they will have full access to your profile.

You can enter one or more email addresses and send invitations. Everyone will be invited as a Member of your profile.

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