FAQ: Destinations on Playeasy

Answering the most asked questions from our webinar


1. How to get the most out of your Destination profile.

2. Properly categorizing your Facility Profiles.

3. What is my event portfolio?

  • The Event Portfolio showcases the marketed events your Destination has hosted to build credibility and trust with Event Organizers. These are located in the Events tab on your Gold Destination profile and are grouped by past and upcoming events.
  • Why would I want to market my events in my Event Portfolio? 
    Marketing your past and upcoming events helps build credibility and gives Event Organizers an idea of what your Destination is capable of hosting. It also adds more content to your profile, thus making your profile more attractive to viewers.
  • Who can market events?
    Gold Destinations and Event Organizers can market events on the Playeasy platform. Destinations and Event Organizers can tag other Playeasy users they are working with so the event will be added to both portfolios.
  • What kind of events can I market?
    You can market any past events that your Destination has hosted as well as any upcoming events heading to your area.

4. How do I optimize my profile to get more leads?

5. How do I get the most out of the posting feature?
  • What should I post?
    Anything significant regarding your destination that you would like to share to our active users! Important news Destinations have been sharing include:
    • Venue Availability
    • Grant Funding
    • New Facility builds
    • Open Availability
    • Any Other Kind of Announcement
    • Learn More About Posting.
  • Who Can Post?
    • Gold Destinations, Event Organizers, and Industry Partners can post on Playeasy.

6. How do I boost my presence on Playeasy?

  • The more complete your profile, the higher your ranking in the marketplaces.
    Gold members are listed first, Silver members second, and Bronze last on the marketplace. The more enhanced your profile, the higher your ranking is in the system outside these tiers. This means your profile will automatically be placed higher up in the marketplaces, bringing more exposure for your brand.
  • Take advantage of our posting feature
    By posting on Playeasy, you are directly reaching your target audience with ease on the largest digital network in sports tourism.  
  • Utilize Playeasy's advertising opportunities
    Advertise on Playeasy to draw more attention your brand! Playeasy is the largest sports tourism network, with 8,300+ monthly users, 480+ Destination profiles, and 14,000+ Sports Venue profiles - we'll help your destination stand out from the crowd to drive impressions, clicks, and inbound leads. 
  • Fill out your Event Portfolio
    On your profile, you have access to your Event Portfolio. This is a perfect place to highlight all past and future events your destination has hosted.

7. What is the Event Marketplace?

  • The Event Marketplace is the industry's first ever two-sided filterable marketplace to unite Event Organizers, Destinations, and Venues to sports organizations, active teams, players, parents, and fans. Event Organizers, Destinations, and Venues can partner to create a marketed event, their own webpage to advertise and build excitement for their upcoming sporting event, within minutes. Enter your event name, location, dates, description, and include links to register, buy tickets, and book hotels.
  • Who can market an event?
    Event Organizers and Gold Destinations can market an event on the Playeasy Platform. 
  • How is the Event Marketplace beneficial to Destinations?
    Destinations and Event Organizers' co-marketed events appear on the Event Marketplace. When a potential registrant or spectator views the event, they will have the option to book a hotel, buy a ticket, register for the event, and visit your Destination Profile. Listing your events on Playeasy's Event Marketplace eases communication with spectators and registrants, and demonstrates all that your Destination has to offer - hopefully increasing length of stay.
  • How do I market an event?
    To get started marketing events on Playeasy, follow these simple steps. 
    • Enter Details- Select your location, choose your dates, and enter event description details. 
    • Add Quick Links- Add your event registration link, ticketing link, and hotel booking link 
    • Track Success- View the quality and quantity of visitors to your event marketing page with analytics

8. How do I sign up for the mobile app pilot?

The mobile app is launching in the Spring of 2022. Prior to the launch, we will be offering a pilot program for Destinations to test the app and provide feedback. This is a great way to ensure your Destination displays as you wish on a mobile device prior to the apps public release. 

Click here to sign up for the mobile app pilot.