Complete your Gold Destination Profile

A guide to take full advantage of your Gold Membership and how to complete your Destination Profile.

Once you have signed up and logged into your Destination profile, you will have access to make any edits or updates. This article will walk you through everything you can do to enhance your Destination profile and use your membership to maximum capacity. 

Details Page

To edit your Destination's details, head to your dashboard. This will open when you click on your Destination's profile and will bring you to the 'Details' section first. Select 'Edit' on the right side of any sections you'd like to update and fill in your text. Once you are satisfied with the new information, click 'Save' on the bottom of the page. It will update in real time and if you refresh your page you should see your new information. The information we are looking for includes:

  • Destination Name
  • Contact Information 
  • Description
  • Destination Website 
  • Location Details 
  • Things to do in your Area 
  • Mission Statement 
  • Services Offered 
  • Sports Offered 

For more information: Edit Destination Information
For a breakdown of your dashboard, click here.


You will have access to your Analytics Dashboard to see how many views your Destination profile and facility profiles are receiving. To get the results click the 'Analytics' Tab. You will be able to see:

  • Profile Views: How many times has your profile been viewed
  • Unique Visitors: How many different people have viewed you profile 
  • Viewing time: How long do people stay on your profile 
  • Regional Profile Views: Where in the United States are people viewing your profile 
  • Source of Views: How are people finding your profile 

On the top right corner you will be able to filter your analytics for:

  • Today
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 28 Days
  • Last 90 Days 
More information can be found here: Playeasy Analytics


Upload images that you want to represent your Destination. You can upload as many photos as you would like, add captions to pictures, and give credit to the photographer! To add, delete, and edit any pictures, click the Images Tab and you will be directed to the Images page.

  • Add a Picture: Either drag your image to the big square at the top of the page or select the file you would like to upload by clicking 'Choose a file'. Your images will appear underneath. 
  • Delete a Picture: On the bottom right hand side of every picture are 3 vertical dots. Click those dots and select 'Delete Image' and the picture will disappear. 
  • Add a Caption/Photography Credit: On the bottom right hand side of every picture are 3 vertical dots. Click those dots and select 'Edit' then you can add an Image Name and Description of the image or give the photographer credit! 
  • Add a Logo: Upload your logo like you would a picture. Then select the 3 vertical dots on the bottom right hand side of the image. Select 'Add Logo' and your new Logo will appear. For the best appearance it should be a square and the image should be at least ________. It is very similar to Facebook! 
  • Change the Order of Pictures: Simply click the picture and drag where you would like the picture to be located. The top left is the picture that appears in the destination marketplace so make it your best image. The first 4 will appear in the Images section on your profile. There will be an arrow and the end where people can scroll through all the images you provided.

On you Venue profiles, you can embed your Threshold 360 virtual tours to allow Event Organizers to get an in-depth view of your event venues. For more information: Threshold 360

For more information: Images


To add a document, click the 'Documents' tab. Simply drag your document to the big box on top of the page or upload your file you would like to showcase. A document can be anything to support or describe your organization, such as sign-up forms, waivers, surveys, etc.  

For more information: Playeasy Documents

Manage My Venues

Your Venue Map is how Event Organizers see your Destination. It lists all your Venues and they can filter by spaces, space types, sports, surface types, etc. They can click on any Venues of interest and be directed to the Venue profile. 

My Venue Map

'My Venues' is internal to you. Here, you select which Venues you want to include in your Destination. Once you select a venue it will appear in your 'Venue Map' and you will receive RFP's, Messages, Hot Leads, etc. about that venue. 

To add a venue click 'My Venues' and select 'Add Partners'. Type in the Venue you would like to add. Click the Venue from the drop down box then hit 'Save'. The venue will now be a part of your Destination. 

If the Venue doesn't appear on the dropdown box it means it hasn't been created. After the Venue has been created, you will see it appear on the dropdown box for you to add to your Destination. 

For more information: Add Facility Partners

Event Portfolio

Show off all of the great events your Destination has hosted to build credibility and trust with Event Organizers. You can think of this feature as your event resume. 

To see events go to your 'Events' tab. You will be able to view all your previous and future events. 

To add events go to your 'Events' tab and select 'Create an Event' in the top right hand corner. From there you will fill out a 9 step process to create your event. After you fill out this form, your events will appear. 

More information can be found here: Playeasy Marketed Event


Easily manage your team by inviting members to your profile. Being a manager means you have access to edit, messages, RFP's, Hot Leads etc.

Simply go to the 'Managers' tab to see a list of people managing the account. Click the 'Plus' button on the right hand side and enter the email you would like to join. Click 'Send' and they will be alerted they were added by email.

For new managers to get access, they will sign-up using the email you entered. They will receive a verification email and then have complete access. 

To delete a member, go to the 'Members' tab. On the right hand side select 'Delete' and they will be removed from your Destination and denied access to Playeasy. 

To edit a member, go to the 'Members' tab. On the right hand side select 'Edit' and you will be able to change the email.

For more information: Add Managers