Playeasy Analytics

Now you can analyze the performance of your Playeasy Profile! Measure the quantity and quality of visitors to your profile with key metrics including total profile views, unique visitors, viewing time, profile views by region, and more.

We track activity on your Playeasy profile using Google Analytics. Learn more about the specific metrics we capture below.

Changing Time Period of  Report Metrics

On the top right corner of the analytics screen, you have the option to adjust the time period for the data display. These time periods include one day, last 7 days, last 28 days, and last 90 days.

Profile Views

Profile views represent a single visit to your profile. Whether a user lands on your profile and leaves a few seconds later, or spends an hour reading every detail on your profile, it still counts as a single view. If that user leaves and then comes back later, it wouldn’t count as a new unique visitor (see unique visitors below), but it would count as a new profile view.

Unique Visitors

Unique visitors represent individuals that visit your profile. If that same user leaves your profile and returns later, Google Analytics will remember them, and their second visit won’t increase the total number of unique visitors (since they have already been accounted for in the past).

Viewing Time 

The total time spent by all users viewing your profile.

Regional Profile Views 

The heat map breaks down views of your profile by location. 

You can move your mouse over each location to see the number of views from each location. 

Profile Views Over Last 7 Days

This graph demonstrates daily views of your profile over the last 7 days.

You can run your mouse over each data point to see the number of profile views per day.

Source of Views Over Last 7 Days

This graph demonstrates how users arrived at your Playeasy profile.

Examples of sources include Google, your website (if you have your Playeasy profile linked), direct, through different email providers, and more.