How to Update Your Playeasy Destination Profile

Our newest product release involves a sleek new feel for Destination profiles to showcase your entire community all-in-one place. Here is a breakdown of your profile toolbar & how you can edit your profile.


As a Destination member, you can edit your entire Destination profile under your profile's 'Home' tab. Check your profile's percentage of completion progress in the blue bar up top as you go. Here's what you should do in each editing section:

Overview -

  • Fill in high-level details: Here, update your Destination's availability status, add your tagline, overall description, mission statement & a short story about your Destination.
  • Add video content: Under the Marketing Information section, paste in a YouTube or Vimeo video link of your choice to highlight on your profile.

Location information -

  • Adjust your address & travel tips: Change your headquarters address and fill in any travel details & your Destination's travel status to let people know the best ways to get to the area.
  • Add safety measures: If your Destination takes any additional health or safety measures for sporting events, check this ticker on and add additional details here.

Services & highlights -

  • Update your services offered: Make sure your services offered are current. Event Organizers often look right here first to see if you're a good fit. Fill in extra information in the text box.
  • Add things to do: Fill out your things to do to let people know where to go to enjoy their off-time.

Website & social media -

  • Add website & social links: Paste in links to your website & each of your social media platforms. These will directly link to your own social media, bringing more traffic to each of your platforms. These icons will be displayed on your Destination profile.

Members -

  • Invite Members: Add any new team members to manage your profile with you. This will allow your entire team to enhance your Destination profile in the platform. Be sure member titles are clear so individuals know who to contact for specific needs. Also, add an image of yourself in your profile.

Photos -

  • Add images: Add photos under the "Photos" section by clicking 'Upload'. These will be scrollable on your profile & give viewers an inside look into your area.
    • We recommend using images that are at least 1024px x 683 pixels. (Must be under 2MB)
  • Update your header image: Use your best photo as your header image. You can update this by clicking the 3 grey dots on the bottom of any image and clicking 'Set as header image'. After you choose a photo, click "View Public Profile" on the top right to see how it will look to the public.
    • Optimal photo size: The header image will be displayed at 1600 x 400 pixels at its largest, so pick something that will be good wide. Aim for dimensions at least 1200 x 675 pixels (smaller sizes will still work, but may become slightly pixelated)
  • Update your logo: Select your logo also by clicking the 3 grey dots on a photo & clicking 'Set as logo'. Ensure your logo is a square and your most current version. Let us know if you have any trouble there.
    • Optimal photo size: We recommend that logos be at least 256 x 256 pixels . (Must be under 2MB)

Documents -

  • Add documents: Under the 'Documents' tab, click 'Upload'. These can include specific certifications, awards and accolades, testimonials and more.
    • Files should be a maximum of 10MB and .PDF format

The rest of your Destination member tools are displayed along this top toolbar. Here's what you can access:


  • View your followers: On this tab, you can view a list of all Playeasy users following your Destination. Access their contact information & send 


  • Manage your Facilities: Add or update Facilities here. These will be displayed on your profile's "Facilities" tab and Playeasy's Facility Marketplace & will now have an enhanced map design. For any of your top facilities that you'd like to stand out, make sure they are labeled as 'Tournament Ready'. Your Facility Marketplace looks great when it's filled with your inventory and is beneficial when meeting with prospects.


  • Fill out your Event Marketplace: Add all past & upcoming events in your Destination will be organized here. Upcoming events will appear in the "Upcoming Events" tab on your profile & will round out the full picture of what your area has to offer. Past events will appear in the "Event History" tab. Once an upcoming event passes, it automatically moves to the history tab, adding no work on your end.
  • Your own Event Marketplace on your profile will display all upcoming events you are hosting. Your upcoming events with ticket & registration links will appear in our global Event Marketplace. Tag the Event Organizer you worked with so the event will show up on both of your Playeasy profiles, increasing visibility on both sides.


*Silver and Gold Destinations only*

  • View your leads on your profile: Your hot leads will go right to your Destination profile's toolbar under the 'Leads' section. Like & share RFPs here, or click into each to explore more.
  • Your Leads are now organized into a few tabs. All hot leads go to your 'Open' tab, meaning these are open, future RFPs on the platform that you have not responded to yet. Click 'Interested' or 'Pass On' on an RFP to respond to the Event Organizer. This will pull up a pop up for you to type a quick response to the organizer, optionally invite one of your team members to a group chat, and hit 'Send'. If you are not interested or unable to host this event, click 'Pass On' to send a quick note to the organizer and pass on this lead.
  • Now, the lead moves to either the 'Interested' or 'Passed' tab.
  • In the 'Interested' tab, you may click to view your group message with the Event Organizer. You can also switch the event to 'Won', 'Lost', or 'Passed' after you connect with the Event Organizer. This will move the lead to the corresponding tab on your Lead Dashboard.
  • Click the green 'Export' button on your Lead Dashboard to export your leads as an Excel sheet if you need to upload information to an external CRM.


*Gold Destinations only*

  • Add & manage your partner hotels on Playeasy: Showcase your partner hotels directly on your Destination profile & event pages! Here, you can add unlimited hotels to Playeasy in just a few clicks.
  • To learn how to add & manage your hotels, click here!


*Gold Destinations only*

  • Add & manage your Local Business Partners: Promote your community in one place on your Destination profile! You can now add unlimited local businesses & hotels directly on your Businesses tab - and its all written for you through Chat GPT!
  • To learn how to add & manage your businesses, click here!


  • View your analytics: On the Reports tab on your Destination profile's Admin view, you can now select to view an analytics breakdown of profile activity, event performance, hotel pickup, or promotion redemption. Your Reports Dashboard defaults to display your overall profile activity from the past 30 days. On the top right, you can switch this to display data from the past 30, 90 or 180 days.  

    To access your Analytics/Reports, head to your Organization profile and click 'View as Admin' on the top right. Head to the 'Reports' tab and select the report you'd like to view from the dropdown.

    • The Profile Activity report displays all views & engagement across your Destination profile on Playeasy.
    • The Leads Overview gives you an inside look into the potential economic impact across all of your Playeasy leads.
    • The Facility Overview report displays all views & engagement across your Facility profiles on Playeasy.
    • The Partner Overview shows all views & engagement across your Local Business profiles on Playeasy.
    • Your Event Performance report will show you your total registration, hotel, and ticket link clicks across all your events so you can measure your success.
    • The Hotel Pickup report will break down actual hotel booking data for the live hotel rates you showcase on events.
    • The Hotel Clicks report will detail the breakdown of clicks per hotel specials per event.
    • The Promotion Redemption report will demonstrate the number of visitors and clicks on event promotions.  

We are here to help. For any additional questions, reach out to