How to Create your Local Business Profiles

Your guide to creating & editing your Playeasy Local Business profiles

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What is a Local Business Profile?

Similar to Tripadvisor pages, your Playeasy Local Business profiles are for you to highlight local attractions, things to do, restaurants, hotels & more to the sports community. Your Local Business profiles are connected to your Destination/Facility profile & sync to any Playeasy Event pages associated with you. 


Create your Local Business Profile

  1. Click ‘View as Admin’ on your Playeasy profile and head to the new ‘Partners’ tab.
    local biz step 1
  2. Here, click the blue ‘New’ button. Enter the business name or address into the location bar and enter the Business Name below. Click next.

    local biz step 2
    local biz flow 1
  3. On the details page, please wait a few seconds while our Playeasy Artificial Intelligence integration (Open AI) fills these sections in for you. Please feel free to preview this information and make any edits. Click next and submit!

    local biz flow 2
    local biz flow 3
  4. From your submission page, choose to View the Profile, Add photos, or Link Websites and Social Media. This will bring you to the Admin Editing Wizard of this new Local Business profile to further enhance this page.

local biz flow 4

Why should I create a Playeasy Local Business profile?

Promote the entire event experience your Destination/Facility has to offer.

  • Promote your community's engagement. Bring your entire community together on Playeasy. When an Event Organizer is choosing a Destination/Facility, it all comes down to who has the most community engagement. Market what sets you apart by adding your local businesses so participants can find where to eat, stay & play in one place.
  • Track your economic impact. Gain accurate insight into how many event attendees are actually visiting the businesses you're promoting during events. View analytics on your Local Business profiles to track page visitors & key metrics for your own reporting.

Add unlimited Local Business profiles for free as a part of Playeasy Gold Destination/Facility subscriptions.

How long does it take to create a Playeasy Local Business profile?

It just takes a few minutes to create & submit a Playeasy Local Business profile. All you need is the business name & location, & let Playeasy's technology do the rest! 

How to Enhance your Playeasy Local Business profile

After submitting your Local Business profile, there's lots you can do to further enhance it's features. First, head to one of your Local Business profiles and click 'View as Admin' on the top right. Here's a step-by-step guide of your profile's Admin Editing Wizard:


  • Overview: If needed, edit the business name, type, description & location here.
  • Highlights & features: Paste in a YouTube video or virtual tour link for visitors to watch as they scroll the profile. Additionally, paste in a call-to-action URL to display as a button on the profile. This could include an event-specific hotel booking link, a restaurant discount offer & more! Also, check off any services & features offered at this business.
  • Website & social media: Paste this business' social media channel links to lead visitors to learn more.
  • Photos: Upload additional photos of the business here to paint the full picture. Select a header image or logo by clicking the three grey dots on the bottom right of the image.
  • Documents: Upload supporting PDFs here about this business to provide any necessary extra information.


  • View all users who have 'liked' this business here.


  • On the Events tab, view a custom Event Marketplace that pulls all upcoming events on Playeasy within a 50 mile radius of your business. Your Local Business profile will appear as a things to do option on these events.


  • Track the quantity and quality of visitors to this Local Business page over the past 30 days. View where the visitors are coming from on the map, the date of views, and where they're sourced from.

What kind of calls-to-actions should I add to my Local Business profile?

You can add whatever call-to-action best fits your Local Business! Some examples include but are not limited to: 

  • Hotel & Lodging - Reservation booking links
  • Food & Drink - OpenTable/Restaurant Reservation Booking Links, Food Delivery Links
  • Entertainment - Links to admission tickets
  • Shopping - Online store links
  • Transport - Reservation links
  • Services - Booking links, Order forms