How to Add your Hotels to Playeasy

This article explains how to add your hotel partners to Playeasy as a Destination manager.

How to add your hotel partners to Playeasy

  1. Head to the 'Admin View' of your Destination profile.
  2. Here, click the 'Hotels' tab. All of your partner hotels will live here for you to edit or remove.
  3. Click the blue 'New' button to begin adding a hotel.
  4. Get started by searching for the hotel you would like to add. Select the correct hotel from the dropdown & click 'Next'.
  5. Step 2 will bring you to the Live Rates Setup page. Here, you need to map the Playeasy hotel profile to the correct hotel in our live rate database. Make sure it’s the correct property and address. This will enable live available rates for this hotel to appear on your event pages when you turn on that feature.
    1. If there is no matching hotel to map to, you can work with the Playeasy team to get them added. Contact us here.
    2. If you do not map the profile to the live rate database that is not a problem. The hotel profile will still exist and can be used for event hotel specials, it just won’t have the added details, media, and live rates that are bookable and trackable.
    3. Click 'Next'.
  6. On the details page, please wait a few seconds while our Playeasy Artificial Intelligence integration (Open AI) fills these sections in for you. Please feel free to preview this information and make any edits.
  7. Click 'Next' and 'Submit'!

We hope this helps! For assistance, please reach out to anytime.