How do I add Managers to my profile?

You can invite team members to help manage your profile, from the "Managers" tab in the Dashboard of your Destination's Profile.

  • Go to your Destination Profile
  • Click on the “Members” tab to the right of your "Home" tab
  • Click "+ Add New Member" sign and enter the email address of the user you'd like to have access to the account 
  • You can select if you'd like Members to be a Manager, Marketing or Sales member.
    • Manager: Gains overarching Destination profile access - backend editing & listed as contact on your profile
    • Marketing: Profile editing access for your marketing team. Does not get listed as a contact on your profile
    • Sales: Full platform access & listed as a contact on your profile

They will receive an email saying they’ve been added as a member. Make sure they create a login.

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