Complete your Silver Facility Profile

A guide to take full advantage of your Silver Membership and how to complete your Facility Profile.

Details Page 

To edit your Facility's details, head to your dashboard. This will open when you click on your Venue's profile and will bring you to the 'Details' section first. Select 'Edit' on the right side of any sections you'd like to update and fill in your text. Once you are satisfied with the new information, click 'Save' on the bottom of the page. It will update in real time and if you refresh your page you should see your new information.  The information we are looking for includes:

Facility Name (Type in the name of your Facility) 

Facility Type (Select if your Facility is a Sports Complex, Arena, Stadium etc.) 

Who will be Managing this Profile? (Select if the Facility is Facility Managed or Destination Managed)

Make sure to select "Destination Managed" if you would like to receive RFP's for this individual Facility.

Description (Highlight what's special about your Facility and any additional info you think is worth sharing. Think of this as "your about" section on your Profile.)

Location Details (Enter your Facility address and provide arrival instructions) 

When you are plugging in your Facility address, you will see a bunch of addresses pull up below. Make sure to click into your correct address and you should be all set! 

Amenities (Select all amenities offered at the Facility. Be sure this is accurate for Event Organizers to browse.)

Sports (Select all sports sports you feel comfortable hosting at this Facility. This is key to ensure you are alerted of relevant RFP's.)

Playing Spaces (Add all spaces in this Facility by clicking 'New Space'. You will plug in:

    • What kind of space it is (Court, Diamond, Field etc.) 
    • Location (indoor or outdoor)
    • Surface Type (Grass, Turf, Hardwood etc.)
    • Number of Spaces (How many fields or courts there are at this facility)
    • Square Footage of the Space
    • Max Seating
    • Max Standing
    • Details: (Add a description for your space)

Extra Details (Enter the Year Established, Your Company Website, Max Seating #, Max Standing #, Parking Options, and Additional Details to describe any extra features/facts you'd like to highlight) 

These Extra Details are optional, BUT the more specific you are about your Facility the better the user experience is for Event Organizers! 

Check off if you have Enhanced Health & Safety measures in place. If you want to discuss in more detail about the healthy & safety measures your Facility is taking, feel free to type out the specific measurements in the box below.

For more information: Edit Facility Information


Upload images that you want to represent your Facility. You can upload as many photos as you would like, add captions to pictures, and give credit to the photographer!

To add, delete, and edit any pictures, click the Images Tab and you will be directed to the Images page. 

  • Add a Picture: Either drag your image to the red square at the top of the page or select the file you would like to upload by clicking 'Choose a file'. Your images will appear underneath. You can add as many photos as you'd like! 

Supports files up to 2MB with the following file types: JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG

  • Delete a Picture: On the bottom right hand side of every picture are 3 vertical dots. Click those dots and select 'Delete Image' and the picture will disappear. 
  • Add a Caption/Photography Credit: On the bottom right hand side of every picture are 3 vertical dots. Click those dots and select 'Edit' then you can add an Image Name and Description of the image or give the photographer credit.
  • Add a Logo: Upload your logo like you would a picture. Then select the 3 vertical dots on the bottom right hand side of the image. Select 'Add Logo' and your new Logo will appear. 

For the best appearance it should be a square photo.  It is very similar to Facebook! If you are having trouble creating your Logo into a square photo.. please reach out to a Playeasy team member. They can help assist you with this! 

  • Change the Order of Pictures: Simply click the picture and drag where you would like the picture to be located.
  • The top left is the picture that appears in the Facility Marketplace, so make it your best image. The first 4 will be your featured photos in the Images section on the profile. Viewers can scroll to see more.

On your Facility profiles, you can embed your Threshold 360 virtual tours to allow Event Organizers to get an in-depth view of your Facilities. For more information: Threshold 360

More information can be found here: Images


To add a document click the 'Documents' tab. Simply drag your document to the box on top of the page or upload your file you would like to showcase. A document can be anything to support or describe your Facility such as sign-up forms, waivers, surveys, etc.  

More information can be found here: Documents


Easily manage your team by inviting managers to your Facility profile. Being a manager means you have access to edit your Facility Profile, can send messages to Event Organizers, receive Hot Leads etc.

Simply go to 'Managers' tab and you can see a list of people managing your Facility. Click the '+' button on the right hand side and enter the email of the person you would like to join. Click 'Send' and that person will now have access to your Facility Profile.

The person you added as a manager will receive an email from Playeasy granting them access to the account, unless you click the box that says "don't send invite email."

 The new member will then have to sign-up using the email you entered. 

To delete a member, go to the 'Managers' tab. On the right hand side select 'Delete' and they will be removed from your Facility and denied access to Playeasy. 

To edit a manager, go to the 'Managers tab. On the right hand side select 'Edit' and you will be able to change the email.

More information can be found here: Managers


Easily track all the RFP's your individual Facilities have received! To do this, simply click the RFP tab at the top of your profile. You should then see a list of all the RFP's your individual Venue has received. You can click "View Event" if you'd like to view the event in more detail. You also can click Pass on this Event to let the Event Organizer know you are not interested.

More information can be found here: RFP's