What is a Local Business/Community Partner?

This article explains what Local Businesses/Community Partners are on Playeasy for Event Organizers.

What are Local Businesses on Playeasy?

  • Similar to Tripadvisor pages, Playeasy Local Business profiles highlight local attractions, things to do, restaurants, hotels & more to the sports community. Local Business profiles are connected to Destination/Facility profiles & sync to any Playeasy Event pages associated with these hosts. We classify a Local Business as an establishment in a community that provides value to a participant/team.
    • Examples include:
      • Hotel & Lodging (ex: Hilton, Marriott, any local lodging space)
      • Food & Drink (ex: bars, restaurants)
      • Entertainment (ex: TopGolf, Movie Theaters, Dave & Busters, Bowling Alleys, etc.)
      • Shopping
      • Transport (ex: airports, car rentals, bus services, local transit options)
      • Services (ex: trophies, referees, athletic trainers)

What are promotions on Playeasy?

Promotions are an incentive to visit a local business and can be activated on individual Playeasy Marketed Events. 

Once activated, they will be displayed to all visitors of an event page in the 'Local Promotions' tab. Additionally, businesses that activate promotions on an event will be listed first in the 'Places to Eat, Shop & Play' tab.

Click here to learn more about Promotions on Playeasy.

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