Website Embedding

A guide to website embedding, why it is important, and how to embed Playeasy to your website.

What is website embedding?

Why would I want to embed Playeasy to my website?

How to embed Playeasy to your website

What is website embedding?

Website embedding refers to the integration of links to your website. Embedding Playeasy into your website means that you will have a visual button on your website that would direct people to your venue map on Playeasy.  

Why would I want to embed Playeasy to my website?

Embedding Playeasy to your website would offer many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Money. You can save thousands of dollars by having Playeasy be your venue marketplace. You no longer need to hire  someone to build out your venue marketplace to highlight your destination. We can do this for you with a click of a button. 
  • Time. Embedding Playeasy on your website takes about 30 seconds. You also can edit information in real time with ease. Anything you change on your Playeasy profile will autonomically update on your embedded link. Not to mention you no longer need to ask your IT department to make updates, which can take months, or pay out of pocket for someone to edit. 
  • Views. Our analytics speaks for itself. You are 10 times more likely to be viewed on Playeasy if you embed Playeasy on your website. 
  • Message. If an event organizer is interested in your destination or venue they can message you directly on the platform in seconds. They no longer have to navigate the website in hope they find contact information. 

How to embed Playeasy to your website

It may sound confusing but it is very easy to do! Here is a step by step guide of how to embed Playeasy to your website:

1. Login to Playeasy

2. Click into 'My Account'

3. On the right hand side click 'My Destinations'

4. Click your Destination 

5. On this profile, select the 'More' icon on the right of your page.  

6. Open the drop-down on the top right and select "Add Playeasy to Your Website"

7. On the right hand side, in the text box, write in the text you would like the button to say 

8. Select button style - do you want it to be vertical, horizontal, or our default option 

9. On the color tab, select the color you would prefer - red, light, dark, or white

10. On the click action tab select if you would like the person to be directed to a new tab or redirected on existing widow  

11. Select if you would like the button to be animated or not animated

12. Simply copy and paste the code below into your website to integrate your Playeasy profile with your website.