Playeasy RSS Feeds for Destinations

Learn how to connect aspects of your Playeasy profile to your website.

  1. What is an RSS Feed?
  2. How is Playeasy using RSS Feeds?
  3. How do I find my Playeasy RSS Feed?
  4. What Website hosts work with Playeasy's RSS feeds?

What is an RSS Feed?

An RSS feed is a type of web feed that allows websites to receive regular, automatic updates from a second website or blog. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. RSS feeds standardize web content into a universal format (XML). Because of this standardized format, an RSS feed is the most universal way to connect content from one website to another.

How is Playeasy using RSS Feeds?

Playeasy is now empowering our users to generate RSS feeds of their Playeasy content to directly embed on their websites. Your personalized Playeasy RSS feed will allow you to embed certain aspects of your profile such as your Event Marketplace, Facility Marketplace & Posts onto your Destination's website through an RSS feed reader (see below for some common Website hosts' compatibility with RSS feeds). There are many RSS feed reader software options available for all operating systems.

Once you add your Playeasy RSS feed to your website, it will constantly stay up to date with any changes that you make on Playeasy, so there is no need to update information in multiple locations.

How do I find my Playeasy RSS feed? 

Accessing your Playeasy RSS feed is a simple 4 step process

  1. Navigate to the public view of your Destination Profile
  2. Select either the 'Facilities', 'Upcoming Events', 'Places to Eat, Stay & Play' or 'Posts' tabs
  3. Add '/feed' to the end of the URL
    1. For example on a Facilities tab, the URL should look like this: 
  4. Depending on your Web Host, you will either need to copy & paste the URL or copy & paste the 'XML' file generated from Playeasy. 

What Website hosts work with Playeasy's RSS feeds?

We chose to introduce RSS feeds as the method for embedding Playeasy content on your website because it is the most universal option, and we wanted to provide all of our partners the opportunity to sync their Playeasy content on their website.

Here are directions on how to implement RSS feeds on some common Website Hosts:

Note: RSS Feed styling is based on your website design and plugin. You may enhance your RSS feed appearance as you see fit. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.