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How customers find you

When renters search for athletic spaces, they either choose the facility directly based on search results, or put their event up for bid to all of the facilities that meet their requirements. Where you appear in search results is determined by your activity on Playeasy, and if your profile is complete.

Your rank in the search result matters because renters are more likely to view your profile if you’re near the top of results. 



When your facility is seen


Your facility shows up in the Playeasy Marketplace when:

  • Your facility fits
  • The location is right

Increase your visibility

As you provide a good customer experience, you’ll find you rank better too — they go hand in hand.  The higher you rank, the more renters that will find your facility.  Here are some other ways to increase your visibility:

  • Complete your profile - Add photos, a logo & a detailed description
  • Sign up for direct deposits
  • Be responsive
  • Add the Playeasy Smart Button to your site
  • Get reviews