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Dive into a breakdown of our partnership with ASM Global.

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Overview of the Playeasy x ASM Partnership

What is ASM?

  • ASM Global is a leading global producer of entertainment experiences. It is a global leader in venue and event strategy and management—delivering locally tailored solutions and cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum results for venue owners. The company’s elite venue network spans five continents with a portfolio of more than 350 of the world’s most prestigious arenas, stadiums, convention and exhibition centers, and performing arts venues. Follow us on FacebookInstagramLinkedIn and
  • Check out ASM's Playeasy Profile here.

What is Playeasy?

  • Founded in 2018, Playeasy has rapidly become the largest digital network in the Sporting Event & Sports Tourism Industry, helping connect all stakeholders on a centralized & easy-to-use platform. Playeasy streamlines the ability for Event Organizers, Destinations, Sports Facilities, Local Businesses & Vendors to conduct business digitally, tell their story with dynamic marketing tools, & enhance the visitor experience for event attendees. To learn more, please visit and download our app in the Google Play Store & Apple App Store.

What does the partnership entail?

  • ASM has teamed up with Playeasy to offer all of their Convention Centers access to Playeasy at a discounted rate. Each Facility has a free trial of our Silver Tier (Sales Tools / personalized leads matched to your Convention Center) through the end of the year (12/31/23).
    • Check out the Colorado Convention Center's Playeasy Profile here.
  • After the free trial, the Convention Centers can upgrade & maintain access to the Silver Tier.
    • Watch this video to check out a Facility Profile on Playeasy.
    • Check out this video to learn how to navigate/edit your Facility Profile.
  • If the Convention Center decides not to upgrade, the profile will become 'listed' as an ASM Convention Center. This means you will have access to edit your profile, but you will not have access to our sales tools.

Pricing Breakdown

We understand that every Convention Center operates differently, & we want to find the best way that works for your specific location.  We've provided a breakdown of different pricing options to help cater to these different scenarios, but please feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

  • How much does it cost for a Convention Center to upgrade to Silver (Sales)?
    Below are the pricing options should your Convention Center decide to continue as an active Playeasy member after the trial period:
    1. Your Destination Partner is not an active Playeasy Member – $1,500 (Discounted from $3,995)
    2. Your Destination is an Active Playeasy Member – $500 (Discounted from $3,995)
    3. Your Destination is a Platinum Playeasy Member – Free
  • If your Destination is not an Active Playeasy Member and would like to join the platform, there are discounts available if their ASM Convention Center is active on Playeasy. We'd love to meet with your Destination to present our Destination offering. Please feel free to contact us here to get that started!
  • How much does it cost for a Convention Center to upgrade to Gold (Marketing)?

    If you are interested in upgrading your Convention Center to Gold to gain access to Playeasy's Marketing tools, please reach out to the Playeasy Team

Some other FAQs!

  • What if the Destination/Sports Commission I work with is already active on Playeasy?

    That's great news! Any Marketing Efforts on their part will directly benefit you & your Facility profile. 

    • Check out the Knoxville Convention Center's Playeasy Profile here

  • What if the Destination/Sports Commission I work with is not active on Playeasy?

    If your Destination/Sports Commission is interested or if you'd like them to come on board, we are more than happy to set up a call to introduce them to Playeasy! If not, you can purchase Gold for $2,500 to access our full Marketing Offerings.
  • If my Destination is a Playeasy member, will we share leads?

    It's up to you! You'll both get notified about the leads that are a good fit for your Convention Center, & you can choose to work together or separately. 
    • Check out this video on managing your Leads on Playeasy. 
  • What kind of leads should I expect to receive?

    If an Event Organizer submits an RFP for a Convention Center, for a Sport you can host, & for any space types that match your Facility, you will be notified in your Leads Dashboard.
  • Who should I contact if I have more questions about this partnership?

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Kerri Shields ( or
  • What's included in Playeasy's Gold (Marketing) Tier?

    Upgrading to the Gold Tier allows your Convention Center to use Playeasy's Marketing tools. This includes Local Business Partner Marketing, Posting, & Event Marketing (with Promotions & Hotel Specials). Contact us to learn more. 

Getting Started & Helpful Material

  • How do I get started on Playeasy?

    To sign up, head to and click 'Sign Up' on the top right. We recommend signing up through Microsoft or Google if your company uses either email provider.
    • Check out this video on navigating your 'Home' Tab.
  • Do you have any video tutorials?

    Yes! Here is a link to our Facility Paybook Video Library. 

  • Where can I access how-to articles?

    To access helpful articles for managing your Facility profile, head to our Facility Help Desk here

  • How can I connect my Destination/Sports Commission Partner to Playeasy?

    Feel Free to use the below template: 

    Template Email Introduction for your Destination/Sports Commission Partner(s):

    "Hi {name},
    Great news! As part of a global ASM initiative, we are partnering with Playeasy, the largest online network of Sports Destinations, Event Organizers, Facilities, Events, and RFPs in the United States, to provide our Facility access to a Playeasy membership to market the space and receive direct access to leads. 
    After speaking with the Playeasy Team, the platform seems like a great fit for our joint efforts. 
    Playeasy connects Destinations with the largest network of sports RFPs and Event Organizers, and their matchmaking automatically sends you any sports RFPs that are a good fit based on your Facilities and location. Additionally, you can showcase all your Destination has to offer with their marketing tools.
    Here's a link to learn more about Playeasy for Destinations. We'd love to set up a call with our team, your team, and the Playeasy team to discuss how we can work together to leverage their tools. Is there a time in the next few weeks that works for you?"
  • Do you have helpful material I can share with my Destination/Sports Commission Partner?

    Feel Free to share any of the below links: