How to Enable Live-Rate Fallback on Your Playeasy Events

This article discusses enabling live-rate fallback on your Playeasy events to showcase your Partner hotels.

Three Simple Steps to Get Started

1. Add Your Hotels to Playeasy

2. Create Your Event Page

3. Add Your Hotel Specials

Live Rate Fallback with Pop Out (1)

How do I enable live-rate fallback on an event?

1. Add your hotel partners to Playeasy
    1. First, your hotel partners need to be added to Playeasy. Check out how to add your hotel partners here
Add Hotel Partner

2. Create Your Event 
    1. Next, ensure the event you want to add your hotel specials and live rate fallback on is marketed on Playeasy. 
    2. This article walks through how to market an event on Playeasy.

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3. Add Your Hotel Specials 
    1. In the 'Admin' View of the Event, you should see a 'Hotel Specials' Tab on the right of the top Navigation bar below the name of the Event
    2. Click 'Hotel Specials'
    3. Click the blue 'New' button to add a new hotel specialLive Rate Fallback Hotel Special
    4. Fill out the form to add the hotel's special
      1. Hotel Location
        1. Select the Hotel from the dropdown that you would like to create a hotel special for
          1. As a reminder, the Hotels that populate in the dropdown have previously been added to your Destination profile. 
      2. Option to Show Live Rates
        1. If you'd like to market only a few hotels with live rates instead of your whole market, you can do so through this process! The 'Use Playeasy Live-Rate Hotel Booking?' section lets you enable live rates for just this hotel by clicking 'Enable' here.
        2. To continue inputting a custom room block link & rate, leave this section as 'Disabled' and continue below.
      3. Booking URL
        1. Add any specific booking URL to direct visitors where to make their reservations
      4. Room Rate Per Night 
        1. Optionally, add the price per room/night at the hotel or for this specific special
        2. If left blank, this will display a 'rate varies' tag
      5. Valid to Date
        1. To prompt live-rate fallback, you must enter the expiration date of the offer
      6. Fallback to Playeasy Live Rates?
        1. After you enter the expiration date of the Hotel Special, you will be prompted to 'Enable' or 'Disable' the automatic fallback to display live rates for your selected hotel.
          1. If enabled, your chosen hotel will automatically begin highlighting the live rates upon expiration of the hotel special. 
          2. If disabled, the hotel special will display an 'Offer Expired' tag.
      7. Description 
        1. Open space to provide any more details about the offer
      8. Select Save, and your hotel special will be live.

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