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How to Edit your RFPs

This article walks through how to edit an RFP you've posted to Playeasy.

How to access your RFPs

How to edit your RFPs

How to access your RFPs

To access your RFPs posted to Playeasy, head to your Organization profile on Playeasy and click 'View as Admin' on the top right. This will bring you to the Admin view of your profile. Click the 'RFPs' tab along the top. This will bring you to a list of all of your open RFPs on Playeasy. To begin editing an RFP, click on the RFP name.

How to edit your RFPs

Once you click on an RFP from your Organization profile's Admin view, you will arrive on the Admin view of your RFP. You can make any changes to your existing RFP here. Let's break it down:


Edit any of your RFP's details, including location & event information here.


Edit the name of your RFP, the event type, sports, and your urgency here. You can also close, clone, or delete your RFP here. 

Location Details

Edit if your event will be local or travel & your estimated hotel room number here. You can also adjust location criteria & mile radius below.

Event Details

Under 'Event Details', you can adjust. your attendee information. Edit your expected participants, spectators, age range, gender, event level and event description.

Timing Needs

You have the option to edit your timing needs as well. Edit the length of time you will need a facility, your preferred timing, response deadline and bid fee amount.


Here, you can invite additional team members to manage this RFP with you. Simply click '+ Add New Member', paste in their email address and click 'Save'. This individual will get an email invitation to join the RFP. If they do not yet have a login, this individual will just have to sign up on playeasy.com. Once they sign up or sign in, they will have full access to manage this RFP with you.


On your 'Photos' tab, you can add any supportive photos to your RFP page, like a header image and logo. We recommend adding both a header and logo to your RFP to make the page standout to hosts.


Under Documents, you can upload any supportive PDF documents to display on your RFP, like additional bid information.


On your 'Likes' tab, view all contacts who have liked your RFP, access their contact information, and send them a message on Playeasy.


Under the 'Leads' tab, access your Lead Management Dashboard to view all potential host matches & responses. For a full guide to your Dashboard, click here.

Have questions? We're here to help! Reach out to support@playeasy.com or contact us here anytime.