What is included in the Gold Subscription?

A guide to outline what is included in a gold subscription, best practices, and price.

What do I get with a Gold Subscription? 

As a Gold Member, you will have access to all of these Silver & Gold Perks: 

  • Gold Destination Profile
    Destination Profile that includes your posting activity, event resume and viewer analytics, along with details, personalized venue marketplace, images, Threshold 360 virtual tour integration and other premium content integrations, and ability to receive inbound messaging. 
  • Unlimited Gold Facility Profiles
    Create unlimited Gold "destination marketed" facility profiles with view analytics, posting activity and event resume, alone with advanced details, images, Threshold 360 virtual tour integrations, other premium 3rd party content, and ability to receive inbound messages.
    For more information: Gold Facility Profile
  • Gold Marketplace Listings
    Destinations and facility profiles are listed highest on the Destination and Facility marketplaces, ensuring your profile receive the most views and activity. 
    For more information: Gold Marketplace Listing
  • Build your Following
    Allow users to follow your Playeasy profile so you can reach and alert them whenever you create a posts and activity easily. 
    For more information: Build your Following
  • Post to the Network
    Post and advertise to the network of event organizers. Posts can be anything from availability, new initiatives and venues, special offers, or events that you've recently hosted.
    For more information: Playeasy Posting
  • Pageview Analytics
    Access to your analytics dashboard to see how many views your destination profile and facility profiles are receiving, with the ability to create Playeasy Ad Campaigns to boost your impressions. For more information: Playeasy Analytics.
  • Event Resume 
    Show off all of the great events your destination has hosted to build credibility and trust with event organizers. 
    For more information: Event Resume
  • Website Embedding
    Embed Playeasy into your own website to leverage your profile as an extension of your digital portfolio, and save money on expensive web dev.
    For more information: Website Embedding
  • Playeasy Marketing Campaign
    Boost your views and following with a Playeasy Marketing Campaign that reaches your target audience through the Playeasy and Sports ETA networks. This included a featured article, featured on home page, social media marketing & email and newsletter marketing. 
    For more information: Playeasy Market Campaign
  • API access for Integrations 
    Access to our robust API's to create integrations with practically any 3rd party system. 
    For more information: API Integrations
  • Outbound Messaging
    Receive inbound messages, and also proactively message event organizers when they Post and RFP or through the Event Organizer Marketplace directly through the platform. 
    For more information: Outbound Messaging
  • Inbound Messaging 
    When a user visits your Destination or Facility profiles they can send you a message.
    For more information: Inbound Messaging
  • RFP Marketplace
    Search, filter and find RFP's across the entire Playeasy RFP database in the "RFP Marketplace"
    For more information: RFP Marketplace
  • Event Organizer Marketplace 
    Search, filter, follow and message event organizers who are on Playeasy in the "Event Organizer Marketplace"
    For more information: Event Organizer Marketplace
  • Hot Leads & Event Matchmaking 

    Automatically organize and receive notifications when an RFP would be a good fit for your destination and venues on your "Hot Leads" page.

    For more information: Hot Leads and Event Matchmaking

  • Like & Save RFP's 
    Alert the event organizer you're interested in hosting their event by liking an RFP. RFP's you like are then organized for you in your "My Liked RFP's" screen. 
    For more information: Like & Save RFPS
  • Threshold 360 Tour Integration 
    Embed your Threshold 360 virtual tours directly on your facility profiles to allow event organizers to get an in-depth view of your event venues. 
    For more information: Threshold360

What's Blocked off as a Gold Member?

As a Gold Member, you will have access to everything on the Platform. Nothing will be blocked for you, but make sure to take full use of your Gold Membership!  

How much is a Gold Subscription? 

A Gold Subscription will be: $4,995 

Here is a link to our pricing & subscriptions in more detail: Playeasy Subscriptions