How to add Hotel Specials to your Events as a Destination Manager

When you market an event, you will have the option to market any hotel specials/room blocks associated with your event & include any necessary information about them.

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Hotel Specials

How to Add a Hotel Special to Your Event 

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Hotel Specials

We know every Destination/Facility works differently, so we have implemented the ability to customize how your Local Hotel Partners populate on Marketed Events.

When you market an event, you will have the option to market hotel specials, live available hotel rates, or both!

This article explains how to add & customize hotel specials on your events. You will have the ability to include any booking URL for the hotel, the room rate per night, the offer expiration date & any additional details. 

To learn how to enable live rates on your events, click here.

How to add a Hotel Special to Your Event 

To create a hotel special on your event, you must first ensure that you have added the hotel as a Local Business on your Destination/Facility.

To add a hotel special to your event, you must first navigate to your event page. 

There are two ways to access your event:

If you are listed as a manager on the event, you will be able to access the 'Admin' view of the event from your home screen.
  1. Head to the 'Home' Tab
  2. On the left-hand side, you will see the 'Memberships' Tab
  3. There is a section labeled 'Events'
  4. You should see the event that you're looking to add hotel information to listed there
  5. Click the name of the event
  6. Now, you're in the 'Admin View' access event 1

You can also access your Marketed Events through your Destination/Facility Profile

  1. Navigate to your Destination/Facility Profile 'Admin' View
  2. In the 'Admin' View, there is a section labeled 'Events' on the top navigation bar
  3. Click the 'Events' Tab
  4. Here are all of the Events marketed by or tagged to your Destination
  5. Search by name or scroll to find the one you'd like to add Hotel information to 
  6. Click on the event
  7. You'll either be taken to the 'Admin' View of that event or prompted to add yourself as a Marketing Manager so that you have editing rights
    access event 2

Now that you have access to the event, ensure that you are in the 'Admin' View to add Hotel Specials

  1. In the 'Admin' View of the Event, you should now see a 'Hotel Specials' Tab on the right of the top Navigation bar below the name of the Event
  2. Click 'Hotel Specials'hotel rates tab
  3. From here, you can add new hotel information to your event by selecting the blue 'New' buttonnew hotel rate
  4. There is a 5 Step form to complete to add the hotel information
    1. Hotel Location
      1. Select a Hotel from the dropdown that you would like to add to this event.
      2. Note: The hotels that populate are only the hotels you have added to your Destination/Facility profile
    2. Choose if you would like to enable live rates on this hotel
      1. If you'd like to only market a few hotels with live rates instead of your whole market, you can do so through this process! The 'Use Playeasy Live-Rate Hotel Booking?' section lets you enable live rates for just this hotel by clicking 'Enable' here.
      2. To continue inputting a custom room block link & rate, leave this section as 'Disabled' and continue below.
    1. Booking URL
      1. Add any specific booking URL to direct visitors where to make their reservations 
    2. Room Rate Per Night 
      1. Add the price per room per night at the hotel 
    3. Valid to Date
      1. Optionally, add the expiration date of the offer
    4. Description 
      1. Open space to provide any more details about the offer
  1. After you enter the information, select 'Save' and your hotel information will populate on your event
  2. You can edit or delete your hotel rates at any time by selecting either the edit icon to make changes or the trashcan icon to remove the rate
    last step