How to Enable Live Hotel Rates on your Playeasy Events

This article walks through how to enable live hotel rates on your Playeasy events & how to customize each event's hotels for your needs.

How do I enable live rates on an event?

  1. Add your hotel partners to Playeasy
    1. First, your hotel partners need to be added to Playeasy. To do so, head to the 'Admin View' of your Destination profile.
    2. Here, click the 'Hotels' tab. All of your partner hotels will live here for you to edit or remove.
    3. Click the blue 'New' button to begin adding a hotel.
    4. Get started by searching for the hotel you would like to add. Select the correct hotel from the dropdown & click 'Next'.
    5. Step 2 will bring you to the Live Rates Setup page. Here, you need to map the Playeasy hotel profile to the correct hotel in our live rate database. Make sure it’s the correct property and address. This will enable live available rates for this hotel to appear on your event pages when you turn on that feature.
      1. If there is no matching hotel to map to, you can work with the Playeasy team to get them added. Contact us here.
      2. If you do not map the profile to the live rate database that is not a problem. The hotel profile will still exist and can be used for event hotel specials, it just won’t have the added details, media, and live rates that are bookable and trackable.
      3. Click 'Next'.
    6. On the details page, please wait a few seconds while our Playeasy Artificial Intelligence integration (Open AI) fills these sections in for you. Please feel free to preview this information and make any edits. Click 'Next' and 'Submit'!
          2. Create your event
    1. Next, ensure the event you would like to market live rates for is marketed on Playeasy. 
    2. This article walks through how to market an event on Playeasy.
    3. Enable live rates
    1. Once your hotels are added and your event is marketed, you can choose to enable live rates!
    2. To do so, head to the 'Admin View' of your event page by clicking on the event and clicking 'View as Admin' on the top right.
    3. Head to the new 'Settings' tab.
    4. Here, you can select to enable live rates and choose options to display your nearby local businesses.
    5. In the first 'Hotel Live Rates' section, click 'Enable' under 'Show live hotel rates for this event?'
    6. Next, choose if you'd like to set a mile limit to display hotels around this event. If you'd like to display all hotels you've added to Playeasy on this event, leave this section as 'No mile limit',
    7. Optionally, below, select the date range that you would like the live hotel rates to appear and/or be hidden. If these are left empty, the hotel rates will begin to show as soon as you click 'Save Changes'.
    8. In the 'Local Businesses & Promotions' section below, you can choose to select a mile radius to only display certain businesses & promotions you've added to Playeasy in relation to the event.
    9. Click the yellow 'Save Changes' button on the bottom right to save your edits.
    10. Hotel specials will now be shown on your event as you have selected!

How do I enable live rates for events I have already created?

  • If you have already marketed an event on Playeasy and would like to enable live rates, you can go back to turn on that feature anytime just as you would for a new event.
  1. To do so, click on the event page of choice.
  2. Click 'View as Admin' on the top right.
  3. Click the 'Settings' tab along the top toolbar.
  4. Follow the same steps in the 3rd 'Enable Live Rates' section above!

How do I disable live hotel rates on an event?

  • Live hotel rates will not automatically turn on for any of your events unless you choose to enable those settings.
  • If you have enabled live hotel rates on an event and would like to turn them off, you can do so anytime!
    • Click on the event that you would like to disable live rates.
    • Click 'View as Admin' on the top right.
    • Click the 'Settings' tab along the top toolbar.
    • Click 'Disable' under the 'Hotel Live Rates' section.
    • Click the yellow 'Save Changes' button on the bottom right.
    • Live hotel rates will now be turned off for this event.

If I only want a few hotel specials shown on an event, how do I do so?

  • You also have the ability to only market specific hotel specials of your choosing, and select dates on each hotel special individually to display the room block link versus live rates. 

How to create a hotel special:

  • In the 'Admin' View of the Event, you should see a 'Hotel Specials' Tab on the right of the top Navigation bar below the name of the Event
  • Click 'Hotel Specials'
  • Click the blue 'New' button to add a new hotel special
  • Fill out the form to add the hotel special
    1. Hotel Location
      1. Select the Hotel from the dropdown that you would like to create a hotel special for
      2. Note: The hotels that populate are all of the hotels within 50 miles of the Event's location that have been marketed on Playeasy 
    2. Option to Show Live Rates
      1. If you'd like to only market a few hotels with live rates instead of your whole market, you can do so through this process! The 'Use Playeasy Live-Rate Hotel Booking?' section lets you enable live rates for just this hotel by clicking 'Enable' here.
      2. To continue inputting a custom room block link & rate, leave this section as 'Disabled' and continue below.
    3. Booking URL
      1. Add any specific booking URL to direct visitors where to make their reservations
    4. Room Rate Per Night 
      1. Add the price per room/night at the hotel or for this specific special
    5. Valid to Date
      1. Optionally, enter the expiration date of the offer
    6. Description 
      1. Open space to provide any more details about the offer
  • After you enter the information, select 'Save' and your hotel special will populate on your event
  • You can edit or delete your hotel rates at any time by selecting either the edit icon to make changes or the trashcan icon to remove the rate

Have questions? We're here to help! Reach out to or contact us here anytime.