Why Playeasy?

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Why Playeasy?

This is where your event begins. Playeasy is your free all-in-one lead generation, connection and marketing platform. Join the largest online sports network to grow your business and build brand awareness with just a few clicks. 
  • Grow your network: Easily search, post venue requests & communicate on the largest Destination and Venue network with 505+ Destinations & 15,000+ Venues.
  • Build your brand: Playeasy is the only online marketing platform built specifically for sporting events. Hit your target audience and seamlessly add more registrants, add sponsors, sell tickets and add hotel links.
  • Reach a larger audience: This is a custom, free website for your organization with a modern feel that can be created in minutes. No coding needed. Every page on Playeasy is SEO optimized, so you can get found at the top of search engines without having to do the backend work yourself.

All on one easy-to-use platform!

Oh, and did we mention it’s completely FREE!

What qualifies as an Event Organization?

An Event Organization runs sports tournaments or events. Ex: sports organizations, governing bodies, rights holders, tournament directors, etc.

Event Organizations can grow their business on Playeasy by getting in front of Destinations, Venues, Industry Partners and new registrants digitally.  Therefore, we encourage all Event Organizers to create an Organization Profile, or associate yourself with an Event Organization you work for to manage events and RFPs.