Who is an Event Organizer?

This article explains who Event Organizers are, how Playeasy helps Event Organizers, and examples of Event Organizers on Playeasy.

Who is an Event Organizer?

Event Organizers are responsible for making an event come to fruition. By definition, an Event Organizer is an organization or individual that undertakes the beginning-to-end production of organizing an event. Event Organizers are responsible for planning, organizing & overseeing sporting events, including finding site locations & marketing their organizations & events to a broader network.

How does Playeasy help Event Organizers?

Playeasy empowers Event Organizers to:

  • Showcase their Organization to 300+ Destinations & 12,000+ Facilities
  • Submit & Track RFPs on their Leads Dashboard
  • Market events to participants & spectators
  • Track the event's performance & impact
  • Discover how they compare to peers in real-time

Examples of Event Organizations on Playeasy

Event Organizations on Playeasy range from National Governing Bodies (NGBs) to grassroots organizations & youth club organizations. Here are some great profiles to check out below:

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