What is the PEstimate?

This article explains what the PEstimate is and where to find it on Playeasy.

The PEstimate is an RFP Economic Impact Estimate that was built in Partnership with The Sports Facilities Companies. Sourced from 20 years of data gathered from SFC, the new PEstimate provides a preliminary projection of direct economic impact Playeasy leads & RFP's can bring into host cities, giving potential hosts more data before bidding on events.

What the PEstimate is: A conservative pre-event projection of direct spending based on SFC's proprietary methodology for forecasting economic impact. It incorporates the average daily rate (ADR) and per diem rates from the US Government’s General Services Administration: gsa.gov. This data source provides conservative, state-level values for each of those data points.
SFC then uses those inputs as part of its average daily expenditure (ADE) calculation, which is further informed by data from thousands of sports tourism events and SFC’s propriety algorithm for calculating ADE.
Playeasy automatically uses the appropriate state-level data for each destination and facility based on their geographical location, so there is no manual data entry needed for the PEstimate to be calculated and appear. 

Data points used to generate the PEstimate:
  • Event-specific data submitted by the rights holder, including event type, event length, projected room nights, projected visitors, and more.
  • The geographical location of the Destination or Facility that received the RFP/ lead. 
  • State-specific travel and cost data, such as the average daily rate (ADR) and per diem rates from the US Government's General Services Administration.
  •  Industry-specific data from thousands of sports and recreation tourism events.
What the PEstimate is not:
  • A localized projection of direct spending based on the city or county (PEstimate's calculations are done at the state level)
  •  An official projection of direct spending.
  •  A replacement for an institutional-grade economic impact analysis.

Where to find the PEstimate on Playeasy:

  • You can find the PEstimate card on every RFP you are matched with in your Leads Dashboard on Playeasy.
  • Based off the PEstimate, you can also find an overview of potential pre-event economic impact across all of your Playeasy RFPs on your Destination profile.
  • How to access this Leads Overview Dashboard:
    • Head to your Destination profile
    • Click 'View as Admin' on the top right
    • Click on the 'Reports' tab along the top toolbar
    • Click 'Leads Overview' from this dropdown
    • This brings you to your Leads Overview, displaying all potential impact, potential hotel rooms & more from your Playeasy RFPs.

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