What is Playeasy's Event Organizer Rebate Program?

This article summarizes Playeasy's live hotel booking solution, how rebates can work for your Destination's Event Organizer partners, and how to get started.

What is Playeasy's live rate hotel solution?

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  • Playeasy now empowers Destinations to connect each of your hotel properties to live rates and availability from over 40 of the most popular online booking engines, GDS systems, and exclusive discounted rates that aren’t available to the public. Playeasy will automatically show the lowest rate available across all of these platforms for each of your hotels to allow visitors to book hotels on your Playeasy Destination profile and event pages.
  • Learn more here.

What is Playeasy's rebate program for Event Organizers?

  • Playeasy's rebate offering allows Event Organizers to make money on each room night booked on your Playeasy event pages.
  • Playeasy will add a standard rebate rate, empowering the Event Organizer to make $9 per room night, which will be added to the taxes and fees when booking.
  • In total, the room night upcharge to taxes and fees for visitors is $10 - including the $9 rebate, plus $1 to cover payment processing expenses.

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How does this help you as a Destination?

  • Level up the services you offer your Event Organizer partners. Referring your Organization partners to Playeasy's rebate program allows them to make additional income per booking, and you as the Destination are able to track actual room nights per event in real-time - all while keeping bookings within your market. 
  • You give us the Organization's contact information, and we take it from there! This is no extra work on the Destination's end.

How does this help you as an Event Organizer?

  • Earn additional income off the room nights your participants are booking! You will earn a standard $9 rebate per room booked on your Playeasy event pages.
  • Plus, access the real-time reports to see how reservation data in real-time.
  • *There is no cost for an Event Organizer to upgrade to this rebate program, only an extra layer of approval* 

How does it work?

  1. Event Organizer creates an Event Organization Profile on Playeasy.
  2. Once approved for the rebate program, Playeasy will enable the rebate setting for the Event Organization to earn a $9 rebate per room night.
  3. To receive payments, the Event Organizer needs to connect to Playeasy’s Stripe account.
  4. If the Event Organizer has a Stripe account, they can use their own account to instantly connect.
  5. If the Event Organizers does not have a Stripe account, they can easily create one for free through Playeasy’s Stripe onboarding flow.
    1. Organizations must use Stripe in order to receive payouts.
  6. This is a one-time setup. Once an Event Organizer is approved and setup in the platform, their events on Playeasy will all be enabled for hotel booking revenue moving forward.
  7. Payments to the Event Organizer are sent the 1st Monday of every month & at least 30 days from the event end date.

How do we get our Event Organizers started?

  • Event Organizers can apply directly through Playeasy, or receive a referral from a Playeasy Destination partner.

Here’s how to get your Organization partners started:

  1. Head to our Event Organizer Housing Partner Referral page here.
  2. Fill out the organization's information. Here's what we'll need:
    1. Your email address
    2. The name of the Organization you are referring
    3. The Event Organizer contact's first and last name
    4. The Event Organizer's email
    5. Optional: contact's phone number
    6. Optional: Any additional information you'd like our team to know
  3. The Playeasy team will reach out to directly get the Event Organizer fully set up and onboarded.

Have additional questions? We're here to help! Please reach out to support@playeasy.com or contact us here anytime.

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