What is Playeasy and how does it work?

Modernizing the facility rental process for facilities and renters.

Playeasy officially began in 2018, after a group of friends became fed up with the painful process to connect with and schedule athletic space to hold our events. We’ve dedicated ourselves to providing the solution to help renters find and book athletic and event space, and facilities streamline, manage and automate the way they rent. The best analogy for what we do? Think "OpenTable" or "Airbnb" for athletic and event space rentals. 

Playeasy for renters: If you've ever needed to try to find a facility to rent for an event, then you're familiar with the painstaking process of finding available options, calling and emailing those facilities, filling out paperwork, and manually making payments with cash and checks. With modern technology platforms, like Uber, Airbnb and OpenTable, that have made our lives easier in just about everything else, Playeasy is doing the same for facility rentals.

The concept is simple - provide a modern platform that allows you to search, find, connect and book facilities online. Helping save you time by letting you view all available options on our marketplace, and streamlining the process for requesting, communicating, and paying for facility rentals. 

Playeasy for facilities: Whether you're a school, college, sports complex or municipality, renting your available space is a great revenue generator and helps support your community. However, there's a lot that goes into renting - from marketing your space, fielding requests, collecting required documents and certificates, keeping an up to date schedule, and sending invoices and receiving payments. Managing all of these moving parts can be extremely time consuming and inefficient.

This is where Playeasy comes in. An all-in-one platform that helps you market your facilities on the Playeasy Marketplace, streamline, digitize and automate how you receive and respond to rental requests, send rental agreements, share and manage documents, receive payment, manage customers and track your billing and receipts. Our goal is to help you generate extra revenue when your facilities are available, and make your rental process as easy as a couple of clicks on your computer or taps on your phone.