What is inbound Messaging?

This article will help answer what inbound messaging is, how it works, why it is beneficial to you, what subscription tier has access, and if there is a max limit for receiving inbound messaging.

What is inbound messaging?
Inbound messaging is when an Event Organizer messages you through our online messaging portal. When an Event Organizer views your Destination or Facility Profile they have the option to message you. (As shown below) 
Who Receives the Inbound Messages?
The user can only message the managers you have listed on your Profile.
When the user is messages you from your Destination Profile, then the user can choose which member to message. (If you have multiple)
When the user is messaging you from your Venue Profile, then the user can choose which manager to message. (If you have multiple) 

Note: That is why it is important to make sure you fill out your Job title on your profile. You can add your Job title by going to your "My Accounts" Page, clicking edit profile, and then it will take you to a form where you will scroll down until you see "Job Title." From there you will type in your job description. 




Why is Inbound Messaging Beneficial?

Inbound messaging is beneficial because it helps you connect and grow your network with Event Organizers, which results in more opportunities for you! 


Is there a limit to how many inbound messages I can receive?

There is no limit to how many inbound messages you can receive. Let's keep the opportunities coming in!


Do I have to be a Gold or Silver member?

No,  inbound messaging is available for every tier.  (Bronze, Silver, Gold)