What is an up for bid event?

Requesting multiple facilities

If you wanted to book a venue before Playeasy existed, you would need to
spend hours online scouring the internet trying to find places that could meet
your needs, and the person to contact. Once/ if you found some viable
options, you would need to make dozens of awkward phone calls, send
dozens of hopeless emails, and fill out dozens of forms all asking you the
exact same thing. All this just to see if a venue is available and get a quote.
If you’re lucky, this will take a week of your time.
Playeasy’s “Up-for-Bid” events turn this entire process into a couple of clicks.
Here’s how it works:
1. Search and Filter: Search for venues that fit your needs on the Playeasy
You can search by sport, location, and the mile radius that would
work for you. You can then filter by space type, Indoor/ outdoor,
surface type and the amount of each space you need.
2. Create Request: Once you’ve set your venue requirements, click “Create
‘Up-for-Bid’ Request” – you fill out one intuitive online form detailing your
event needs
Try to be as detailed as possible so facilities can fully understand
the event requirements
3. Receive Offers: Once you submit your event request, all venues that meet
your requirements are instantly alerted about your event. They then
respond back with either offers to host you, or to let you know they’re
Typical responses are within the first 24 hours, but sometimes it
might take a couple days for all responses to come in.
4. Accept and Book: Review all of your offers, check out the venue profiles
and photos, and accept the one you like most. You’ll eSign the offer, which
is an online contract, and all down-payments and future invoices are
automated through the platform. You’re venue booking journey is
complete! Enjoy the rest of your week that you just got back