Unlimited Gold Facility Profiles

What are unlimited Gold Facility profiles and how does they benefit my Destination?

What is a Gold Facility profile?

God Facility profiles can be found on their associated Gold Destination profile as well as listed first in the Facility Marketplace. This profile includes your posting activity, event resume and viewer analytics, along with details, personalized Facility Marketplace, images, Threshold 360 virtual tour integration and other premium content integrations, and the ability to receive inbound messaging. 

How is a Gold Facility profile different than a Silver Facility profile? 

Only Gold Facility profiles include:

  • Posting activity
  • Event resume
  • Viewer analytics 

Gold and Silver profiles include:

  • Details
  • Personalized facility marketplace
  • Images
  • Threshold 360 virtual tour integration 
  • Content integrations 
  • Inbound messaging