How Do I Save and Like RFP's?

This article will discuss how to like and save RFP's, how to see who liked the RFP, and why it is beneficial.


How do I Like an RFP?

You can like an RFP by clicking the heart at the bottom of the page. 

How do I save and RFP?

Your RFP will automatically save for you in your "My Liked RFP's" screen. This helps organize all the leads you are interested in hosting.


Why is it beneficial to like and save RFP's?

It is beneficial because every time you like an RFP the Event Organizer gets alerted that you're interested in hosting their event. This is similar to Facebook when someone likes your photo and you get alerted of who liked it. 


Can I see who liked the RFP?

Yes, you can see everyone who has like the RFP by clicking into the "Likes" at the bottom of the page. (For example: if you click into the "3 likes" below you will see exactly who liked this RFP. 


Do I need to have a Gold Membership to like an RFP?

Yes, you need to have either a Silver or Gold Membership to like and save RFP's.