How Do I Save and Like RFP's?

This article will discuss how to like RFP's and why it is beneficial.

How do I Like an RFP?

You can like an RFP by clicking the 'Like' button at the top of an RFP page.

Where do my liked RFPs go?

Your RFP will automatically save for you in your 'Favorites' tab on the left side of your Playeasy Home Tab. You arrive on this screen after logging into Playeasy, or you can jump back here by clicking the 'Home' icon on the top right of your Playeasy screen anytime.

This saves the RFP under the RFPs section in your Favorites for you to quickly click back into anytime, and helps organize all the leads you are interested in hosting.

Why is it beneficial to like RFP's?

Every time you like an RFP, the Event Organizer gets alerted of your 'like', bringing your Destination brand top of mind and demonstrating your interest. This process is similar to Facebook/Instagram when a connection likes your photo and you receive an alert. 

It is also beneficial for you to quickly access the RFPs you're interested in anytime.

Can I see who liked the RFP?

No, only the Event Organizer who posted this RFP can see the RFP likes.

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