What is the RFP Marketplace?

This article will help you understand what the RFP Marketplace is, how to find RFP's in your area, and what membership you need in order to access the RFP Marketplace.

What is the RFP Marketplace?

The RFP Marketplace helps you search, filter and find RFP's across the entire Playeasy RFP database. 

How do I find RFP's in my area?

When you go to the RFP Marketplace (Go to your My Accounts Page and then click RFP Marketplace), type in the location you are looking for. You can choose to plug in either your city or zip code, and all RFP's in that area will appear below. 

Note: When you are typing your city or zip code in the location box, you will see several cities appear on the drop down. Make sure to click into the correct city and the RFP's will appear.