Playeasy Profile Types

Not sure what profile category describes you? Take a look through our descriptions to help you select the correct one and cater your experience.

If you're not sure how to classify yourself or your organization on Playeasy, take a look through this article to learn how to categorize yourself/your organization. This will ensure your Playeasy experience is as catered to your needs as possible. 


If you work for a DMO or Sports Commission, select "Destination".

Learn more about Destinations here

Event Organizer 

If your organization runs sports tournaments and events, select "Event Organizer".

Learn more about Event Organizers here


If you manage a facility or multiple facilities, select "Facility".

Learn more about facilities here


If your organization provides a product or service for the sports industry, this is your profile type!

Learn more about Vendors here


A parent organization in the sports tourism industry with related child organizations existing under its umbrella. Examples include state associations with specific destination marketing organizations functioning underneath, Facility Management Companies, and large sports organizations with specified branches.


If you manage a club that represents multiple sports teams, select this option. 


If you are a coach or admin for a sports team, select "coach".


If you are a participant looking for events to participate in or a parent of a participant, select "participant".

Local Business 

If you are a business that would like to engage with events coming to your area, select "local business". 


If you would like to volunteer at sports events in your area, select "volunteer".

None of the Above

If you feel like you do not fit in to any of these categories, please select "none of the above describe me".  Feel free to let us know how you categorize yourself or your organization, and we will help provide a catered Playeasy experience. 

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