Types of Users on Playeasy

Playeasy is a digital platform that connects all players involved in hosting & running a sporting event. Learn more about the primary stakeholders we are connecting.

  • Participants & Spectators (General User)
  • Event Organizers 
  • Destinations
  • Facilities
  • Local Businesses

Playeasy for Participants & Spectators

Participants, teams, fans, parents, coaches, sports enthusiasts & community members.  Whether you're participating in a sports event, looking for events in your area, planning a sports trip, or just looking for some community deals - Playeasy is a place for you. 

Playeasy for Event Organizers 

Event Organizers are responsible for making an event come to fruition. By definition, an Event Organizer is an organization or individual that undertakes the beginning-to-end production of organizing an event. Event Organizers are responsible for planning, organizing & overseeing sporting events, including finding site locations & marketing their organizations & events to a broader network.

Example of an Event Organizer: NXT Lacrosse (Lacrosse Organization)

Organizations like NXT Lacrosse are responsible for marketing their organization, finding site locations, marketing their events & overseeing end-to-end sporting event production.

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A region, city or town holding sporting events. Also known as a "host city", Destinations are experts in hosting sports events of all shapes & sizes. Destinations are also referred to as Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVBs), Sports Commissions & Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). 

Example of a Destination: Valley Forge Sports, Events & Tourism Authority (Valley Forge, PA)

Destinations like Valley Forge are tasked with bringing sporting events to their city to create a positive economic impact within their community. They help service & market the event & create the best experience possible for all attendees.

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A venue that can host an event – in our case, a sporting event! A Facility can be an indoor and/or outdoor space or group of spaces in one geographic location. Some examples of Facilities on Playeasy are sports complexes, stadiums, convention centers, schools, & parks & rec.

Example of a Facility: Sand Mountain Park  (Sports Complex in Albertville, AL)

Facilities like Sand Mountain Park are responsible for hosting, conducting & organizing sporting events of all kinds to create a positive visitor experience.

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Local Business / Community Partner

Any business with a physical location that provides goods or services to a local population. In our case, a local business is any company within a Destination or Facility's community that provides goods or services to enhance sporting events & take advantage of the increased activity that events create. Some examples include restaurants, hotels, shopping areas, attractions & things to do in the area!

Examples of Local Businesses: Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tucson, Bertucci's Italian Restaurant, Nike Flagship Store

On Playeasy, these community partners can market their businesses through their Playeasy profiles, offer discounts for events & directly reach the sporting event community!

(ex. hotel discounts, group dining promotions, local attraction & shopping deals)

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If you have any questions or would like to chat with a Playeasy Team Member, contact us at support@playeasy.com.