Playeasy for State Associations

Playeasy's new state offering features a dynamic webpage that automatically updates in real-time, providing a centralized space to market your entire state without the work. Check out some FAQ here.

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What is Playeasy's offering for State Associations?

Provide your Destination partners the tools they need to be successful in today’s digital world​ on Sports Tourism's most powerful platform & largest network of Event Organizers, Events, Destinations & Facilities in the US. 

Playeasy's State Hubs are our newest release designed to empower states in showcasing their sporting Destinations, Facilities, & Events all in-one-place. Playeasy's new State offering features a dynamic webpage that automatically updates in real-time, providing a centralized space to market your entire state without the work. With individual Destination & Facility listings, SEO-optimized profiles, & state-wide marketplaces, the State Hub is the ultimate tool to amplify your state's presence in the Sporting Event & Tourism Industry. Plus, take advantage of add-ons like website integration, seamlessly syncing your State Hub content to your external website, & upgraded Destination subscriptions with discount opportunities. Check out Michigan's State Hub→Playeasy Michigan State Page centered shadow

What does Playeasy's State Hub include?

  • Individual Destination & Facility Listings
    • Market each Destination & Facility in your state with SEO-optimized profiles to grow their digital presence & connect to your custom State Hub. 
    • Check out Michigan's State Hub→

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  • Unlimited content posting
    • Post unlimited content to boost your digital presence & let your State Hub do the work—automatically updating with fresh content & events without any manual effort or coding.
    • Posts will automatically sync to the Playeasy newsfeed, your State Hub, & relevant Destination & Facility profiles for maximum reach.
    • Check out Playeasy's Newsfeed→
  • Dynamic webpage with featured Destination, Facility, Post & Event Content & access to statewide marketplaces - no upkeep required
    • Receive a custom, dynamic SEO-optimized State Hub webpage to sync all of your state's content to one place
    • No work on your end! Your State Hub automatically updates with fresh content & events & will reflect any changes made to individual Destination & Facility profiles. No coding or manual updates needed.
    • Check out Michigan's State Hub→

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  • Playeasy homepage & State Hub listing for state visibility

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  • Real-time analytics
    • Take the guesswork out of the equation. Dive into real-time analytics for valuable insights into your audience, including your total page views, unique visitors, & more.

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What opportunities are there for our individual Destinations to come onto Playeasy?

  • There are discounted Destination sales & marketing subscription opportunities for Destinations within State Associations on Playeasy.
  • Whether a Destination is looking to market their events & community or access direct sales leads, we have your solution.
  • Learn more about Playeasy for Destinations here →

Are there website integration capabilities?

  • Yes! Playeasy offers a custom widget to embed your State Hub content to your website.
  • Provide your visitors a robust breakdown of either your Destinations, Facilities, Upcoming Events and/or Posts by syncing your Playeasy content to your External Website.
  • Align your synced Playeasy content with your own site's branding.
  • Easy to edit & always up-to-date. Any time you update your Playeasy content, your website will update in real-time.
  • Check out Michigan Sports Commission's Events on their Website→

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What is the cost of a State package?

The cost of the State package is unique to your Association. Contact us here if you'd like to learn more.