Following on Playeasy

This article will walk you through the 'Following' functionality on Playeasy and how to use it.

How to follow?

To follow any organization on Playeasy, navigate to their profile on the platform. From there, simply click the 'Follow+' button at the top of the page. 

Where can I see who I follow?

You can see the entire list of the profiles you are following on the 'Favorites' tab of your profile.

To navigate to your favorites tab, head to the 'Home' tab of your Playeasy profile. On the left-hand side beneath your personal profile, you should see 'Memberships' & 'Favorites'. Click on 'Favorites'. Here you will see a list of all of the profiles that you've bookmarked as 'Favorites' to have quick access to separated by their profile type. 

Why follow?

Following profiles is a great way to bookmark profiles of interest so you can navigate to them quickly from your 'Favorites' tab. 

Additionally, following is a great way to alert an organization that you are interested in creating a connection with them. 

Who can I follow?

You can follow any Playeasy profile or page that interests you. This includes Destinations, Facilities, Event Organizers, Events, Local Businesses & Vendors. There is no limit to how many profiles you can follow, so feel free to follow any profile or page that you're interested in! 

What happens when I follow?

When you follow a profile, the managers of the page will get alerted that they have a new follower on Playeasy.  The pages & profiles that you follow will be stored in your 'Favorites' folder.

If an individual follows your profile one of your pages, you will be alerted that you gained a new follower. You can access the followers in 'Followers' tab on your profile dashboard. If you are interested in reaching out, you can click their name & send them a message through Playeasy. 

How do I gain followers?

Best practices to gain and engage followers:

  • Share your profile with others and ask them to follow your profile. All they have to do is click the 'Follow' button and they will instantly be alerted when you post or create a marketed event. 
  • Follow other organizations first. They will get alerted that they received a new follower and can easily follow you back.
  • Feel free to message profiles you follow on the platform to increase brand awareness and start that relationship.
  • You can market yourself by creating posts and content to engage your audience. Everyone has access to view posts and is a great strategy to increase following. 
  • Share your Playeasy profile on other social networking platforms. People will be able to view your profile and follow you once they see everything your organization has to offer! 
  • Utilize our website embedding offering to direct people to your Playeasy profile. From there, they can easily follow you with a click of a button.