Paying for your event

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Paying for your event

When booking your event through Playeasy, the facility is responsible for setting up the price and payment schedule on the offer that is sent to you. The facility will send you an offer with the down payment price - the price that will be paid immediately once you accept their offer on Playeasy - and the final invoice price - the remaining invoice balance that will be processed on the Invoice Due Date the facility selects.

Setting up payment

Setting up payments is simple.  You can either add a payment method on your "My Payments" tab on the top menu bar, or when you are accepting or countering an offer, you have the choice between setting up ACH and/or debit or credit card.

Payment methods

Playeasy accepts credits cards, debit cards and ACH. Credit Cards have a $15,000 limit, so if your booking is more than $15,000, you must pay with ACH.

What is ACH?

ACH payments are electronic payments made through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network. You are essentially sending a check online and we are taking care of the work for you. There’s no need to carry around checks anymore – you can now seamlessly and securely pay through the Playeasy platform.


Cost of using Playeasy

It is absolutely free to sign up and send requests through Playeasy.  You only pay a small service fee once your event is booked.   To help operate the Playeasy Platform and related services, including Credit Card and ACH processing, we charge a service fee for each transaction after an offer has been accepted.

Credit Card Payments:

This fee is calculated as 2.9% + 30¢ (thirty cents) rounded to the nearest dollar.

ACH Payments:

The fee is 0.9% and capped at $5 (five dollars) and rounded to the nearest dollar.