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Create your Playeasy Organization Profile

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What is an Organization profile?

Whether you run a team, event organization, individual brand, corporation or school associated group - easily manage your organization's facility rentals & payments in one place. 


Why should I create a Playeasy profile?

Playeasy is the easiest way to find, book & manage your organization's athletic space rentals.

  • Save time. No more paper forms, phone calls or emails when searching for athletic space for your event. Filter for specific location, athletic space details and timing you need to find the perfect space for your activity. Track all of your requests & bookings directly through your event organization profile!
  • Build trust. We vet every sports complex that is active on Playeasy to make sure they are equipped to hold your event. Be sure to complete your profile by Uploading photos, a detailed description and sports you are interested in.
  • Manage your rentals. Track your requests, rentals & your spending directly through your organization profile. Add team members to your profile to ensure you are always on the same page.
  • Seamless payments. Playeasy is integrated with Stripe, the world's leading payment platform, to ensure seamless, secure & easy payments. Track all pending and settled invoices through your Playeasy Profile. (With the click of a button, export all of your payments into an excel sheet!).

Oh, and did we mention it’s completely FREE!

Create your Playeasy Organization profile

Your profile is a great way for sports facilities to learn more about you before they host you. When your profile is robust, it helps others feel that you're reliable and trustworthy. The more complete your profile is, the more reservations you're likely to book, too.




How long will it take for my Organization to be verified?

The standard response rate is within two hours.