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Options to clear your browser's cache and cookies

When you’re having an issue with the Playeasy app, one of the most common troubleshooting suggestions is to clear your cache and cookies. While this may sound like the web equivalent of “try turning it on and off again,” clearing out your cache and cookies is not only a key troubleshooting step, but in many cases it will solve your problem altogether!

But what is your cache, and why should you clear it?

Browsers use cookies (files containing user data) placed in your computer’s cache (temporary data storage space) to store website information on your computer, so web pages and components can load quickly.

Playeasy is always fixing, improving, and adding features to the app. Because of this constant progress, your cache and cookies can become outdated quickly, which may cause issues and unwanted behavior when your browser tries to use older versions.

In this article, we’ll share some great ways to clear your cache and cookies. We’ll point you to popular browser guides on the topic, cover a few extensions to speed up the process, as well as some alternatives for doing this through the developer’s console.

Browser Guides

Browsers are constantly updating themselves, so to ensure you’re getting the latest information, use the following links to view the current browser-specific methods for clearing your cache and cookies:

Using Extensions

While the methods described at the links above are commonly used, adding an extension can make the process quick and easy. The information below can minimize the hassle of clearing your cache and cookies, as it will only update the cookies for the page you have open at the time. Click the links to download the available extension.

Chrome: Clear Session

This extension retains your data and login information from every web location where you are signed in. This means you won’t have to sign in again to every website after clearing the cache.

You can streamline this extension by setting keyboard shortcuts for actions. To find the extension, go to chrome://extensions/ in Chrome’s address bar to open up the Extensions page. At the very bottom of the page, you'll see a Keyboard Shortcuts option. Add your key combination, and never have to click or deal with a menu again.

Firefox: Clear Site Cache

The Firefox extension is similar to Chrome’s, and contains the same functionality.

Internet Explorer

Unfortunately, Internet Explorer does not have an add-on that removes cookies on a per-site basis.

Using Developer Tools

Another way to clear your cache and cookies, without going through the browser often-tedious menus or using a third-party extension, is to use the browsers’ built-in developer tools. This process is usually quicker than the browser-recommended process, though often not as fast as using extensions.

To use Chrome developer tools

  1. With Chrome open, use ctrl-shift-I cmd-option-I on a Macintosh) to open the DevTools window.
  2. Right-click (click-and-hold on a Mac) the Refresh button, and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload . This forces the cache to clear, and reloads all data for the site.
  3. On the DevTools window, click the Resources tab.
  4. Expand the Cookies list.
  5. On each website in the list, right-click (ctrl-click on a Mac) and select Clear .

To use Firefox developer tools

  1. With Firefox open, use shift-F2 to open the Developer Toolbar. This usually appears at the bottom of the browser window.
  2. In the toolbar, type appcache clear , then Enter . This clears your cache.
  3. Next, in the toolbar, type cookie list , then Enter . This opens a window displaying all cookies.
  4. For each cookie, click Remove , then Enter .

To use Internet Explorer developer tools

(This one is really easy for Windows users)

  1. Click the F12 key.
  2. Click Ctrl+D .

And that’s it!  Please contact support@playeasy.com if you have any further questions.