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Managing Offers

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Making an Offer


***Before making an offer on any rental requests, you must sign up for direct deposits.

Once you are alerted about a request in your area and you are interested in hosting the event, click Make an offer your Pipeline. Once the offer page comes up, follow these steps:

  1. Select the dates and times you are offering to the renter.  A list of the requested dates and times they are looking for will be given to you.  You are able to edit the dates and times to fit best with your schedule by clicking the "pencil icon" on the dates tab.  If you would only like to offer some of the dates selected, you are able to remove any dates and times necessary by clicking the "trash can icon" on the dates. When the renter views their offer, they will be able to see the dates and times that you have included.
  2. The second step is to complete the details of your offer. This is where you will select the facility that this offer is coming from (only applies if you have multiple facilities), the Total Price amount of your offer, the down payment (%), the Invoice Due Date (the date that the remainder of the payment is due - this is a non-refundable date) and the Expiration Date of your offer (the date your offer to the renter expires).  You will also need to add a description, describing exactly what the offer entails. The better description and details provided on the offer, the higher the percentage you will have of winning the offer.
  3. The third step is to review the details of your offer before sending. Here, you will also be able to view the total amount that will be direct deposited into your account, as well as details of any charges associated to the rental. These charges will only be applied if the renter accepts your offer. 

The faster you respond to new leads, the better. If you're the first facility a renter hears from, the better chance you have for hosting their event.

You should respond as soon as possible to every customer who reaches out to you - even when you're not interested.  A response can either be making an offer to the renter, or declining the lead. When you decline a lead, we will the renter know you are not available.

Status of your offers


All of your offers can be viewed on your Facility Profile through your Bids tab.  On this page you will be able to manage all of your bids.  If the renter has not yet accepted your offer, you are able to edit your offer by selecting "Update this offer."  You are also able to revoke your offer if the renter has not yet accepted it by clicking "Revoke this offer" on the Bids page.

If the renter accepts your offer, Playeasy will alert you through email and push notifications.

Is the offer price the total price or the hourly price?


The offer price is the total amount you are offering to host the event.


Will I be notified about the renter's response to my offer?

The average response rate varies. If the renter accepts your offer, or sends you a Message, you will be notified by push notifications and emails.  If the renter accepts a different offer, or turns a renter down, we will not notify you, but you will no longer see this event in your Pipeline.

How much does it cost to make an offer?


It is absolutely free to make an offer on an event. 


Can I make changes to an offer?


As long as the renter has not accepted your offer, you are able to edit your offer.  On your Bids page, select the Offer you would like to edit. Click the "Update this offer" button, and make any changes you need.

If you are not able to host the times selected by the event organizer, you are able to edit the dates and times on your offer that best fit your schedule. Many times, the renter is flexible with their timing on when they could hold their requested event.


Can the renter negotiate pricing for the price I offered?

Yes, renters are able to negotiate pricing by sending a Counter Offer - a renter’s offer given in response to your original offer.  You have the choice of either accepting the Counter Offer, or declining the Counter Offer, and leaving your offer as the same price.

Playeasy will alert you when the renter sends a Counter Offer. If you decide to accept the Counter Offer, the event will be booked immediately, and the downpayment you set for the offer will be immediately sent to your bank account.

If you do not want to accept the Counter Offer, simply click "Decline," and the offer will stay with your original offer.


Can I see the offer price given by other facilities?

No, you will not be able to see the offer price given by any facilities other than your own.