Navigating your Leads Dashboard

This article breaks down the basics for navigating and organizing your Leads Dashboard on Playeasy.

  1. How do I access my Leads Dashboard?

  2. What is a Hot Lead?
  3. What is a private RFP?
  4. The Dashboard
  5. How to Respond to your Leads
  6. Can I export leads?

How do I access my Leads Dashboard?

There are two ways to access your Leads Dashboard:

Through the Home Page (If you manage a Destination or Facility Profile)

  1. Navigate to the 'Home' Tab
  2. On the top of the 'Home' Tab you will see a call to action 'Hot Leads' 
  3. Click 'Hot Leads'
  4. You are now on your Leads Dashboard


From your Profile

  1. Navigate to the 'Admin View' of your Destination or Facility Profile
    1. To access your profile head to the 'Home' Tab
    2. On the left-hand tool bar, there is a 'Memberships' Tab that should have your profile listed if you are a manager on it 
    3. Click the name of your Destination or Facility 
    4. This should automatically open the 'Admin View' of your profile (If for some reason the admin view does not open, there is an option on the top right of the profile below the banner image to select 'View as Admin')
  2. From here, select the 'Leads' Tab on the top nav bar
  3. You are now on your Leads Dashboard

What is a Hot Lead?

  • When an Event Organizer submits an RFP through Playeasy, the Playeasy software looks at the site selection and location requirements within the RFP and matches them to the space types and location of Facilities across the platform. When there is a match between requirements, a Hot Lead is generated and sent to the leads tab of your profile to let you know that you are a good fit for an event. 

What is a Private RFP?

  • A private RFP is your "Hottest Lead".  An Event Organizer now has the opportunity to select the exact Destination(s) and Facilities they would like to send an RFP. 
  • These RFPs are "private" and will not appear on the Public RFP Marketplace, they can only be viewed by the chosen Destination(s) and Facilities
  • These RFPs will have a tag that says "Private RFP", so you will be able to tell if it was sent directly to you.

Tip: You can sort your leads dashboard to show "Private First". To do so, select the dropdown next to the 'Export' Button & select 'Private First'. This will update the sort order of your hot leads to show you private requests first. 

The Dashboard

We built the new lead management dashboard to make it easier to organize and stay on top of the hot leads you are getting. We have introduced a new flow to allow you to manage your leads.


Below is a breakdown of the tabs of the dashboard: 

  • Open 
    • Here you can find all of your 'Open' Leads. These are leads that match your facilities and that you could potentially host. Sort through these leads and select whether or not you are interested in the event. 
    • Once you select if you're Interested in hosting the event or need to Pass on it, the leads will be sorted into those folders 'Interested' and 'Passed'
  • Interested
    • Here you can find all of the leads that you alerted Event Organizers you are 'Interested' in. You can access the lead and see all of the details about it as well as view the group chat between the Event Organizer and you. In this group chat, you can invite other members, share photos & documents, and collaborate in real-time. 
    • You can further sort your 'Interested' Tab into 'Won' & 'Lost' to categorize the status of the events you went after.
  • Won 
    • This tab will house all of the events you demonstrated interest in that you 'Won'
  • Lost 
    • This tab will gather all of the events you demonstrated interest in that you 'Lost'
  • Passed
    • This is where any leads that you had to pass on will be stored so that you can look back at them at any time. 

How to Respond to your Leads & The Importance of Responding

You have the power to respond directly to Event Organizers in your Leads Dashboard! In your 'Open' tab, each lead has the 'Interested' and 'Pass On' buttons. Clicking either button will create a pop up box for you to send a quick message to the Event Organizer that posted this RFP, plus the option to invite in the email of one of your team members to join a secure Playeasy group chat. 

  • Responding to a lead is not a binding commitment. This action simply starts a conversation for you to discuss this host opportunity, ask questions, share documents, and see if this is a good fit.
  • We recommend responding whether you are interested or not. On the Event Organizer side, these contacts can see which Destinations & Facilities they have matched with for each lead, and who has/has not responded.
  • You will also still get matched with future RFPs from an Event Organizer if you need to pass on a specific lead from them at the moment.

Can I Export Leads?

Yes! You can now export your leads as an excel sheet. To do so, click on the green 'Export' button on the 'Leads' Tab. 

export leads

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