Navigate the Playeasy Mobile App

Learn how to navigate the Playeasy mobile app & its features.

The Playeasy mobile app is available from your phone’s app store and allows you to access your Playeasy account from your mobile device.
bars-solid To access your profile (link to how to edit your profile on mobile), update your status, view profiles you manage, and access quick links, tap on the menu icon in the top left corner.
On the nav bar on the top of your page, you can also:
  • comment-dots-solid Use the messaging feature to start conversations and receive messages to communicate and connect with the Playeasy network (link to messaging article).

From the top of your homepage, you can:

  • plane-departure-solid Browse Destinations and explore different regions with our interactive map or search for a Destination by name or state.

  • calendar-day-solid Explore Events on our Event Marketplace. Filter the marketplace with the icon in the top to find upcoming events across the United States that you can participate in or watch.
  • map-location-solid-1 Find Venues around you or adjust the location to explore sports Venues across the United States.
Additional tabs can be found at the bottom of your homepage. You can navigate between tabs on the Playeasy mobile app by tapping the icons in the navigation bar:
 house-solid Home
  • Contains your Playeasy newsfeed with posts and articles from the Playeasy network.
  • You can post to the network to share updates on your organization here.
compass-solid Explore
  • The explore page brings the entirety of the Playeasy network together in one place. On the explore tab, you can: 
    • Look for new Events
    • Check out exciting Destinations 
    • Explore local Venues
    • Follow new Event Organizers 
    • Connect with Industry Partners
 heart-solid Favorites
  • Your favorites tab contains Destinations, Event Organizers, and Industry Partners that you've followed as well as Venues, Events, and RFPs that you've liked.
 bell-solid (1) Notifications
  • You'll also receive notifications about individuals who follow any profile that you manage; RFP, Event, and Venue likes; and any messages you receive.
  • You can archive notifications or mark them as open/unopened.