How does Playeasy market my space?

As a verified Playeasy Venue, you benefit from the ongoing promotion of your space.  Here are some of the main ways we actively market your space.

SEO-Optimized Profile

Every Facility registered on Playeasy generates an SEO-optimize web page that can be easily found on Google and other search engines, without having to do the back-end work yourself. Your profile can also be embedded on your own website.

Event Marketing

In just a few clicks, you can market the events you're hosting at your Facility on Playeasy. These are automatically shown on your Facility profile, as well as in the Event Marketplace, which will be accessed by TeamSnap's millions of users. Marketing Events is a key way to enhance your partnership with Event Organizers to help them grow their Event Revenue, increasing the likelihood of future partnerships with your Facility. 

Growing your Network with Posting, Liking & Following

When you create a post sharing recent news regarding your Facility, your post will be featured in the Playeasy newsfeed for the entire network to see. Event Organizers, Partners, Local Volunteers, and Local Businesses that want to stay in the loop on new initiatives, new events & fresh content that you are creating can now follow you on Playeasy. Each time you post or market an Event, we will notify your network of followers with a custom-branded email to keep them in the loop. 

Recommendations from our Team

  • To increase your chances of your Facility being found in the marketplaces, be sure to complete your profile. Add photos, a description, your space types, and more.
  • To take your marketing game to the next level, reach out to our team about advertising opportunities on Playeasy.