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What types of spaces can I make available to rent on Playeasy?

The space types you are able to rent through Playeasy are:

  • Athletic Space Types: 
    • boxing ring
    • courts 
    • diamonds 
    • driving range 
    • fields 
    • fitness center 
    • golf course 
    • golf simulator 
    • gymnastics center
    • batting cages 
    • pools (pool lane) 
    • rinks 
    • sand court 
    • squash court 
    • tennis court 
    • track 
    • wrestling center
  • Other Space Types: 

    • auditorium 
    • body of water
    • cafeteria 
    • classroom 
    • conference room 
    • convention center
    • park
    • studio 
    • theater space 
  • As a host, you’re responsible for accurately describing your spaces, as well as providing photos to market each space to potential renters.

Looking to rent out additional space? Contact– we would love to hear your feedback as we continue to grow our product!


Adding additional space types

When registering your sports facility, you may add as many spaces as you need on the Spaces You Rent page.

If you forgot to add additional spaces when registering your facility, you can always add spaces after your facility is approved by the Playeasy team.  On your Details page, scroll down to the bottom of the page where your Spaces are shown. Click the "+" button to add any additional spaces you may need.


What if I close a space during certain times of the year (i.e. ice rink for the summer)?

You are able to edit your "Space Types" on your Facility Profile whenever you need to. Simply click the "trash can icon" on the bottom right of the space you are looking to delete to remove from your profile.  When you are ready to add the space type back, click the "+" next to "Spaces" at the bottom of your Facility Profile page.


** Remember, most renters are looking to rent space for their event months in advance. If you delete a space type, you will no longer be able to see requests for that particular space type in your pipeline.


Am I able to add my conference space as a space type on my Facility Profile?

Conference spaces are not an option for space types on Playeasy at the moment. However, if you would like to market that space, be sure to do so in your "Description" on your Facility Profile. Also, add photos so that renters are able to see all of the space your facility has to offer!