Managing your payouts



How do I get paid?

Once you have set up Payment on your Facility Profile, you will be able to make offers on events.  Once your offer is accepted by a renter, payment will be made directly to your bank account.  When the renter accepts your offer, the down payment will be sent directly to your account. The remaining payment will be sent on the Invoice Due Date you set on your offer.

Track all payments on your Facility Profile! You can view your "Payout Dashboard," as well as export an excel sheet on your profile that will track all payments made through the site.


When will I get paid?

When you send an offer to a renter, you are in control of setting the down payment price, as well as the Invoice Due Date. When a renter accepts your offer, the Down Payment will be processed immediately and sent to your bank account. The remainder of the payment will be paid to you on the Invoice Due Date you selected on your offer.

Payouts will be sent daily (business days). Please allow 3-7 business days for payments to reach your account.

All fees will be taken off the down payment amount.

** We suggest setting the invoice date a few days before the event is scheduled to start.  This invoice due date you set on the offer is the non-refundable date.