Managing Events

What happens after my RFP is posted?

Once completed, all facilities that match your requirements will be alerted of your request. Interested facilities will reach out with their best offers. Simply accept the offer you like most, confirm your booking, pay and play! Once you submit your rental request, all the facilities that meet your requirements are alerted of your request. You will be alerted of any facility offers through emails and push notifications.


What if no facilities match my request?

If there are no facilities that match your rental request, we suggest increasing your Search Radius on your rental request. By expanding the Search Radius, more facilities will be alerted. 

There's also a chance we have not expanded into your area yet.  Please reach out to, and let us know that we are needed in your area!


Can I edit an RFP after it is sent?

You may edit your rental request as needed.  To edit your event, go to the Event Page you would like to make edits to. Once on your Event Page, click the "pencil icon" to the right of each section to make edits as needed.  You may also add any additional Spaces or Dates you may need by selecting the "add button" to the right of the section.