Managing RFPs

Get an inside look at how to manage your Destination RFPs after you've posted them as well as some quick tips to increase match potential.

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What happens after my request is posted?

Once completed, all Facilities & Destinations that match your requirements will be alerted of your request. Interested Facilities & Destinations will reach out to connect with their best offers. You will be alerted of any RFP likes and messages in your Playeasy notifications center as well as your email inbox and through the Playeasy app.


What if no Facilities match my request?

If there are no Facilities that match your rental request, we suggest increasing your Mile Radius on your RFP. By expanding the Mile Radius, more Facilities will be alerted. 

Another suggestion is to consider expanding your request to The Entire U.S. This is a great way to see what Destinations are interested in hosting your event and organization. 


Can I edit an RFP after it is sent?

You may edit your RFP as needed.  To edit your RFP, go to your profile's Admin view and click the RFP tab. Select the RFP you would like to make edits to. Once on your RFP Page, you may make edits as needed.  Be sure to click the Save Changes button on the bottom right of each section.