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Managing rental requests

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Types of requests

When a renter puts a request through Playeasy, there are two different ways they can do so.

  • Direct Request
  • Up for Bid Request

How will I know when an event is in my area?

When a rental request comes through Playeasy and your facility matches the renter’s requirements, Playeasy will alert you through an email and push notification. 


Push notifications

When you sign up for Playeasy, you can choose to receive push notifications.  In order to be notified immediately through direct notifications and emails, be sure to accept push notifications.  Notifications will be sent to you through two ways:

  • Email: Sent to the email address in your Playeasy account
  • Push notifications: Sent directly to your device

How do I know if a rental request is legitimate?

We are doing our best to ensure that our platform brings you renters who are serious about booking a place to play. The best way to know if this is a legitimate request is if they have an organization attached to their name. Every organization on Playeasy is approved and are Playeasy Certified. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to support@playeasy.com.


What if I am not able to host the event?

If you are not able to host an event, you can simply click the "Pass on this event" button, or the “thumbs down icon” button, on the rental request on your Pipeline. If you are on a mobile device, simply swipe left to remove the event from your pipeline.  You will also be able to add a short explanation on why you are passing to let the renter know your reasoning.


Sometimes as a facility there are times where a potential booking might not work for you, but you might still want to send the event organizer a message to let them know why you are passing.  We have added a simple message window when passing on events so you can do just that.