Managing Event Offers


Can I say no to a facility offer?

Yes, you are in control of choosing the facility that best fits your needs.  If you want to pass on this offer, click the "thumbs down icon" to the right of your offer on the Offers tab.


What if no facilities offer to host my event?


We are sorry there were no available facilities to host your event. While we are trying extremely hard to make the product as good as possible to always find you a place to play, unfortunately there are some areas in which facilities are in very high demand. If you know of any facilities that you think would benefit from using the Playeasy platform, please let us know!


What if I don't like any of my offers?


We are sorry to hear you were not happy with any of your offers! First, we suggest sending a counter offer at a reasonable price to the facility if pricing is the issue with the offers you received.

Please contact for further input. We are always looking for feedback on how to make the Playeasy platform better.


How do I contact the facility if I have questions?


When a facility sends you an offer, you are able to communicate with the facility through the “Message” tab on your offer page.


Can I negotiate the price for my booking?


Yes, in order to negotiate pricing with a facility, we have added the ability to make a Counter Offer on the offer. If the facility accepts your Counter Offer, the event will officially be booked, and you will be charged immediately.