How to Edit and Manage your Events

This article demonstrates how to edit, update and manage your events on Playeasy as an Event Organizer to make your events stand out and get noticed.

Event Tab

Once you have created an event, you can update, edit and manage that event directly through your events tab on your Event Organizer profile’s admin view.

Clicking into an event

Click on the event name you’d like to edit. This will take you to the public view of your Event page. 
To make any updates, select View as Admin on the top right of the page.

Event Admin View

Here, you will find all the information that you have submitted to market this event. Any of this information can be added or updated at any time 24/7/365.

Home Tab


  • On the 'Home' Tab under 'Overview', you can edit the event name, start and end date, the type of event you’re hosting, the event’s sports, and add a YouTube or Vimeo video link.
  • Be sure to click the yellow ‘Save Changes’ button once your edits are complete.

Location Details

  • To update location details, select ‘Location Details’ to the right. Here, you can update the event’s address, main host facility, and destination if needed. 

Event Details

  • On the Event details tab, you can update your estimated participant and spectator numbers, the age range, gender, event and competition levels, and any additional event details you would like to share about this event.
  • This information can also be updated after the event takes place to reflect actual numbers.

Registration & Tickets

  • Under registration & tickets, add the event’s website link if it has one, and add or update registration information, including a registration link, registration type, and minimum guaranteed games.
  • Additionally, add or update any hotel booking link, as well as ticket links here.


  • On the members tab, invite any additional event managers from your Destination or the Event Organization via email to help collaborate on this event with you by clicking ‘Add New Member’ at the top.
  • They will get an email invitation to join the event.


  • Add any event photos or logos here by clicking upload or dragging and dropping your images.
  • Select a header image and logo by clicking the three grey dots to the right of an image and clicking set as logo or header.
  • Photos must be under 2MB.


  • Add supportive event documents here in PDF format to provide any necessary additional information to interested participants.
  • PDFs must be under 10MB.


  • Under 'Likes', view any users who have liked your Event page on Playeasy. Access their contact information to send them a message anytime.


  • To view your enhanced analytics, head to the 'Reports' tab. Under Event Performance, this Dashboard defaults to display your overall profile activity from the past 30 days.
  • On the top right, you can switch this to display data from the past 30, 90 or 180 days. Check out total event views, unique visitors and total engagement time.
  • Below, view the location of page visitors on the map. You can now also see your registration, ticket or hotel link clicks to truly measure your success.
  • The 'Hotel Clicks' tab shows all clicks on any Hotel Specials added to your event. View where they arrived from and views cross the country.
  •  The 'Promotion Redemption' tab displays QR Code scans and link clicks on any local business discounts added to your Event page. If there are multiple discounts available on your event, scroll to check out data per discount.

To learn how to add hotel rates to events, check out this article here.


To toggle to your public event page, click 'View Public Profile' at any time.

We hope this was helpful for understanding how to edit and enhance your event pages. Have additional questions? Reach out to or contact us here anytime!