How to Create a Marketed Event

A guide to explain what is an event resume, how to create a marketed event, the benefits of having an event resume, and how many events you can create.

What is my Event Marketplace?

Your Destination's Event Marketplace can be found under the 'Upcoming Events' tab on your Destination profile. This is your very own branded marketplace with all upcoming events your Destination is hosting. Any user can view this tab to explore your upcoming events, like event pages & register or buy tickets.

What is my Event Resume?

An Event Resume (The 'Event History' tab on your Destination profile) shows off all the events your destination has hosted in the past. Event Organizers can find this under the Events History Tab under your Destination Profile.

How to Create a Marketed Event?

You can create a Marketing Event: 

1.) Go to

2.) Login to your Playeasy Account 

3.) Click into your "Home" Page 

4.) Click "Market Event" below the "Start a Post" button at the top of the newsfeed, OR head to the Admin View of your Destination profile, click the "Events" tab and click the blue "New" button.

5.) Start with the basic details

    • Enter the event name
    • Enter the event's date or date range
    • Select the event type & the sport(s) it represents
    • Optionally, you may tag the Event Organizer you are working with to host this event if they are on Playeasy. If they are not on Playeasy, you can choose not to tag them, or invite them after the event is created. At that point, they can sign up for Playeasy for free and collaborate on this event with your Destination.

7.) Add location details

    • Select the main address for this event
    • Optionally, you may select the event's main host Facility if it is on Playeasy.
    • Select the venue name from the Dropdown Menu

8.) Include registration & ticket links

    • Select if participants can register for this event or not. If 'yes', fields will appear to paste in a registration link. Optional: complete the additional fields including if it is individual or team registration, minimum # of games for participants & starting price. 
    • Select if there is a hotel booking link. If yes, paste a hotel booking link in the field below.
    • Are tickets available for this event? If yes, paste a ticket link in the field below.

9.) Enter event details

    • Enter expected number of participants & spectators
    • Enter the age range, gender & event level
    • Optionally, add the main contact for this event for participants & spectators to contact with any inquiries.
    • Add an event description to make your event page stand out!
      • If you do not have a description, we've got you covered! Click the blue 'Generate' button to the top right of the description to have Chat GPT write a unique event description for you!

10.) Finally, let’s configure some settings for your event

    • Choose how hotels are handled for this event, and enable local businesses and promotions if they available in the area around the host location.
    • On this step, you can choose if you would like to enable live available hotel rates to be listed from your Destination's partner hotels on Playeasy on this event page.
    • If so, switch the toggle below 'Show live hotel rates for this event?' to 'Enable'.
    • Below, choose from additional settings to only show hotels within a certain mile radius from the event, or select if you would like to show/hide the live rates versus any hotel specials at certain dates.
    • You may add any hotel specials after the event is created.
    • Next, choose to configure settings to display your local businesses & promotions on this event page. This defaults to be enabled, but you are welcome to disable this feature for this event, or select a certain mile radius to only show specific businesses around the event. 

10.) Submit your event & you're event page is now live!

    • After you submit your event, you can go back to the "Events" tab on your profile to edit each event and photos & documents.
    • Upcoming events will appear in your Destination's own Event Marketplace on your profile. Upcoming events with ticket and/or registration links will be added to Playeasy's global Event Marketpalce.

Where do my Marketed Events Go?

  • Upcoming events will appear in your Destination's own Event Marketplace on your profile.
  • Upcoming events with ticket and/or registration links will be added to Playeasy's global Event Marketplace.
  • Past events will go to your Event Resume, which is the 'Event History' tab on your Destination profile.

What are the Benefits of Having an Event Resume? 

The Event Portfolio is to showcase all of the successful events your Destination has hosted. This helps build credibility and trust with Event Organizers. 

How Many Events can I have in my Event Resume?

You can have as many events listed in your resume as you'd like. The more you list, the more confidence you build with an Event Organizer looking to host a similar event.

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