How to connect Playeasy to your Website

This article walks through Playeasy's website widget capabilities & how to connect your Playeasy content to your website in real-time.

Connecting Playeasy to your website just got easier. Playeasy’s new cutting-edge website widgets effortlessly showcase your Events directly on your website with just a few lines of custom code. Say goodbye to manual updates as your website automatically reflects changes made on Playeasy.

What Playeasy content can I embed on my website?

Embed your Events directly from Playeasy to your website!

  • We’ve got you covered! Choose to sync your Playeasy Events to your own website with ease.

How does it work?

Just a few lines of code to embed to your site

  • Playeasy provides you a short piece of custom code to seamlessly embed on any section of your website. Simply insert the code & watch your Playeasy content dynamically appear in real-time.

Why connect Playeasy to your website?

Automatic updates with zero effort

  • Anytime you update your content on Playeasy, your website will automatically reflect those changes, eliminating the need for manual updates on your end.

Adjusts to your branding

  • Playeasy’s website widget effortlessly aligns with your website’s default font, & your team can further customize it to reflect your unique branding. Adjust the card background color & text color to seamlessly align with your website’s design.

Enhanced customization options

  • Tailor your display by choosing to showcase only specific filtered events, such as tournaments, & opt for a list format, 1-column, 2-column, or 3-column layout.

Bring more content to more places & improve your site’s SEO

  • Embedding Playeasy content on your website only improves your website’s SEO rankings & drives more views to your Playeasy pages. Gain insights into your Playeasy page views & the source of those views through real-time analytics.

Save time & money

  • Save time & resources by avoiding ongoing website development. Skip the effort of creating separate event & facility directories on your website—simply sync your Playeasy content, ensuring future updates in just one location.

Check out these live website examples!

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