How to Connect on Playeasy

This article explains how to create new connections on Playeasy.

Let's dive into how to make new connections on the Playeasy platform as a Destination, starting with the how to find profiles of interest, followed by how to make direct connections through the platform. 

How to Find Profiles of Interest

Exploring the Event Marketplace

How to Find Profiles of Interest

  • Once you’ve successfully logged into the platform, click the 'Home' icon on the top right. This is your home base on Playeasy. Every action you need to take on the platform you can begin from here. On the right-hand side, the 'Quick Links' toolbar houses all of Playeasy’s Marketplaces and Directories for you to utilize for researching and prospecting. Feel free to explore the Marketplaces and click into profiles of interest.
  • To learn more about exploring the Marketplaces, click here.

How to Make New Connections on Playeasy

  • Once you are on an Organization, Event, or RFP profile, you can scroll down & on the right-hand side, you will see the name of the contact you need to connect with.
  • Click on their name & select 'Send Direct Message'. This will allow you to quickly send a message on the Playeasy platform.
  • We also recommend 'Liking' or 'Following' profiles of interest on Playeasy. This will send these profile managers an alert on Playeasy that you followed them, bringing your brand top of mind to new potential partners.

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